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VESC 6 75

VESC 6 75 VESC 6 75 Complete - Perfect performance running up to 16s po

VESC6 75 Ratings

16s FOC / BLDC / DC

60 Amps Continuous, 120 Amps Max   

Voltage: 14V – 63V (Safe for 3S to 16S LiPo). Voltage spikes may not exceed 75V

5V 1A output for external electronics

3.3V 0,5A output for external electronics

Hibination or Power Switch / Button Options

Automatic Power off with adjustable timer

Vedder Sensorless Startup (VSS)

Silent HFI capable

Sensorless Position Control capable

No use of Mosfets that are renowned for eventually failing

Precision CNC Alimnium Heat Sink Housing thats been Black Anodised & is easily attachable using purpose made mounting holes & a selection of Aluminium or fibre mounts or further cooled by being attached to a larger cooling housing unit thats maybe even water cooled...

2x UART Ports

NEW Logic Stage

Adjustable Current & Voltage Filters

3 Phase Shunts

Accelerometer & Gyro positioning

Supported sensors: ABI, HALL, AS5047 and many more

up to 150K ERPM drivable

Current: Continuous 80A, Burst 150A.  Values depend on the mounting, ambient temperature and air/water circulation around the device!

Outer box Measurems 75 x 70 x 18mm

With this VESC you get the following items
1x VESC 6 75 Complete
Weight: 200g
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