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TRAMPA Skate truck pivot cups - Pair

TRAMPA Skate truck pivot cups - Pair
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Skate Truck Pivot cups are a vital piece of kit for Trampa skate trucks.

They allow movements and prevent the metal hanger and baseplate from rubbing together and are subject to a lot of wear and tear. Because of this they may need replacing from time to time and it's a great idea to have a set of spares just in case.

They come supplied as a pair and it is a good time to replace your bushings when you replace your pivot cups.

TRAMPA Skate truck pivot cups - Pair
Fits the TRAMPA Skate truck perfectly!
These little parts sit between 2 moving metal items on the end of the nipple on the hanger that locates into the baseplate. As the metal parts are moving they will wear out & need replacing over time.
To ensure maximum performance these little parts should be checked before riding.
Its a good idea to keep some of these as spares to avoid missing perfect riding conditions. Failure to replace these caps when they are worn out will damage your baseplate & hanger. When these wear out a little trick is to force the new cap into the carcass of the old one...
Weight: 4g
Quantity required:
RRP £2 - per pair

RRP Includes 20% VAT

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