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TRAMPA Bearings 9.525mm axle ABEC 5 rated RED - Set of 8

TRAMPA Bearings 9.525mm axle ABEC 5 rated RED - Set of 8

TRAMPA's 9.525mm URBAN CARVER Bearings are very special, This Bearing uses an IMPERIAL internal measurement of 3/8ths of an inch (Which when converted to metric is 9.525mm) & a METRIC External measrement of 28mm. The Bearing needs a housing depth of 8mm to seat correctly & will perfectly fit into any of the 6,  7 or 8 Inch TRAMPA HYPA or SUPERSTAR hubs / wheels onto trucks with 9.525mm (3/8ths of an Inch) axles without the need for additional bearing reducer sleeves to convert regular ATB 12mm bearings down to 9.525mm.

This spesial size of bearing is officially known as 16100 2RS. 16100 tells you the Bearings dimensions whilst 2RS means the bearing has 2 Removable Shields. The Removable Rubber Seals are contactless (friction free) & are inserted into the Outer raceway whilst in contact with the inner raceway, protecting the single row of lubricated ball bearings housed within the enclosed raceways from the ingress of moisture, dust & dirt, retaining the pre-filled grease within the bearing and maintaining maxium performance to the board & rider for as long as possible. The rubber coated sidewalls are embossed with the TRAMPA logo proving Top Quality!

TRAMPA's precision made Urban Carve bearings are polished to an internationally recognised ABEC 5 quality. (ABEC 3-5 is recognised as the industry standard). ABEC 5 polishing gives you a super smooth / super fast ride which prolonges top end roll speeds.

TRAMPA's URBAN Carveboard bearing sets are supplied with varying sizes of Bearing Support Spacers. The spacers job is to fit between the bearings in the wheel to support the heavy loads gained through the center of the bearing centre, the centre point needs a strong connection. The spacer maintains best performance to the user for as long as possible. From time to time it is good practice for you to exchange your spacers to ensure maximum performance at all times.

Trampa Bearings 10mm axle ABEC 5 rated RED Set of 8
Inner Diameter (axle thickness) - 9.55mm (7/16ths UNC Imperial)
Outer diameter (hub housing) - 28mm
Bearing width (housing depth) - 8mm
Fits as standard to 10mm axles - Compatible with all known ATB hubs on the market.
The bearings have been polished to an internationally recognised ABEC 5 Standard.
Increased polishing leads to high top end roll speeds & better performance to the ride.
The alloy shield has been TRAMPA embossed & painted Red for pimpness!
A quality rubber seal is used to keep the muck out & give extra durability!
This bearing was designed to be used on skate trucks.
Weight: 160g
Quantity required:
RRP £17.50  - 8x Bearings, Internal Support Spacers & Rubber O-Ring's

Excluding VAT
HCC: 8714929000

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