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Superstar 7 Inch Wheels - Matt Black Superstar rim RED spoke & Custom 7 Inch Tyre

Superstar 7 Inch Wheels - Matt Black Superstar rim RED spoke & Custom 7 Inch Tyre Superstar Hub - Matt Black Rim with Red anodised spokes 7 Inch Inner Tube - INNOVA INNOVA INLINE - High Pressure Street Tyre - 7 Inch GREY
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M4 x 40mm Socket Capped Allen-Key Bolt - Marine Grade Stainless steel with locking paste

TRAMPA's M4 x 40mm Socket Capped Bolt is made using A4 Marine Grade Stainless Steel. This very special Bolt is specifically made for TRAMPA & is used to assemble the TRAMPA SUPERSTAR HUBS. The socket capped head of the Bolt screws neatly though the Spokes & into the fixing point in the Rim of the SUPERSTAR HUB eventually screwing  into the M4 nut on the other side easly.

Using Marine Grade Stainless Steel, means these Bolts will never rust on you! They can cope with the most harsh of weather conditions & they laugh in the face of sandy/salty beaches or muddy freeride tracks, which do turn other manufacturers Nuts & Bolts into corrosive rusting wrecks! As well as being Non Corrosive all of the TRAMPA Bolts are diped in  BLUE THREAD LOCKING PASTE to ensure an extra strong secure fix between the Nut & the Bolt.



M4 Nyloc Nut - Marine Grade stainless steel Nylock Nut - Hub Nuts

Introducing TRAMPA's M4 (4mm Shaft) A4 Marine Grade Stainless steel Nylock Nut. This Nylock Nut will fit to all M4 Bolts regardless of their length. This A4 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Nut will never rust on you! It is fitted with the world renowned NYLOCK System (Nylock is a nylon locking system where Nylon is pasted into the threads of the nut so that when the bolt is tightened into the nut the nylon grabs the thread of the bolt holding it locking it in the thread ensuring things do not vibrate loose or fall off when being ridden on rough terrain like that which a Mountain or Kiteboard endures. The NYLOCK thread locking security System is fitted as standard to all TRAMPA Nuts

This Nut is used to fix to tighten to the M4 Socket Capped Bolts that hold the HYPA & SUPERSTAR hubs together. To fit the nuts M4 use an 8mm spanner or  8mm Ratchet Socket to turn the Nut onto the Bolt whilst holding the bolt with a 3mm Allen Key. Always ensure your Nuts & Bolts are tight before you ride!

Matt BLACK Superstar Rims

TRAMPA's SUPERSTAR Hub is a technically designed super-strength masterpiece of circular lushness & has been created for those who insist on fitting only the very best equipment! SUPERSTAR Hubs are available in loads of different Rim & Spoke colour combinations, its almost impossible to decide the combination you like the most!

The SUPERSTAR hub handles the highest inflation pressures on the market, which in turn increases roll speeds giving the rider the advantage over the competition, making them perfect for the best riders, i mean the insane! SUPERSTAR Rims are produced using original 'DuPont' materials (the best), whilst the STAR SPOKES are made using a custom made mould to give us an Extruded Aluminum profile that gets T6 Heat treated (Super Strength Aero-grade quality) & then sliced to requirement.

The SUPERSTAR Hub/wheel is fully constructed using A4 (Marine Grade) Stainless Steel Nuts & Bolts. Total & absolute product perfection!

SUPERSTAR Hubs are compatible with any tyre that TRAMPA offers up to 8 inches in size!

Disk Brakes for steep free-ride riding & Drive Gears for Electric boards or Electric motors can also be fitted to these amazing SUPERSTAR wheels... 

Bearings can be purchased at a discounted price when purchased with complete Hubs or wheels.

RED Anodised Superstar Original Spoke - Extruded T6 Aluminum Heat treated & CNC Precision milled

TRAMPA SPOKES fit all SUPERSTAR & MEGASTAR Hubs. TRAMPA's Spokes are produced using the finest 6061 'Aero-Grade' Aluminum, which to maximise strength & performance are produced with the use of an Extrusion Die, which means TRAMPA spokes are made in one continuous piece before being sliced like bread to the required thickness. Before being sliced the extruded profile is T6 Heat Treated making the resulting Alloy extremely strong

Once sliced, the Raw Spokes are bead polished which not only gives a top quality finish but also removes all & any sharp edges,  before then being sent away to CNC machine to precisely mill out the 28mm O.D. bearing housing. Finally the spokes are sent to the Anodisers to have the relevant striking colours added for top surface protection.

when checking your wheels and spokes also check your spoke support spacers, O-Rings & hardware are all in good condition & ensure all of your nuts & bolts are tight before you ride!

Dupont Plastic Spoke support Spacer for the Superstar & Megastar hubs

This is the TRAMPA SUPERSTAR Spoke Support Spacer. It is used to gain extra strength for the SUPERSTAR wheel design by adding support to the Aluminum Spokes when the wheel is being used under high inflated pressures...

Precision injection moulded, using original DuPont materials, this Spacer provides essential support for the Spokes in the Superstar hubs. There is a Deep Shelf on the Rim of the Spacer which pushes into the internal side of the Spoke, positioning the Spacer/spoke perfectly for assembly. The thick plastic ensures a very strong support platform maximising Bearing support & spin rate always....

Ensure all your nuts & bolts are tight before riding!!

INNOVA INLINE - High Pressure Street Tyre - 7 Inch GREY

INNOVA's 7 Inch Straight-cut INLINE STREET TYRE is an off the shelf "Old Skool Classic". Its straight cut profile & ability to handle high inflation rates makes this tyre the perfect grip option for easy rolling working best on hard surfaces such as Skate parks, Tarmac or Asphalt. The 3mm deep INLINE grooved surface, encourages the tyre to "Track" in a straight line & unlike the Long Board sized / style wheels, the 7 inch pneumatic rubber tyre is easily big enough to glide over small obstacles such as small stones, cigarette butts or mini pot holes & will handle hard packed rough terrain, such as a gravel path, with no problem at all....!

A 3.75 Inch Steel Band is moulded into the Rim of the INLINE Tyre for re-enforcement & a regular TPI (TPI = Threrds per Inch) gives the tyre its structure by stitching the Steel Bands together. The INLINE tyre is "4PR" rated. PR means "Ply Rating" (number of layers f rubber) so this tyre has 4 Ply / Layers of rubber covering the threaded surface. Some tyres in the TRAMPA range use only 2PR, so having 4PR means its double thickness & therefore longer lasting & more resistant to punctures.

Measuring 180 x 50mm when inflated, this INLINE Tyre will fit only to the TRAMPA Hubs that measure 3.75 Inches at the Rim. It also fits all 3.75 inch (inner dimension) hubs on the market. The factory's recommended max tyre pressure is 50psi but the TRAMPA hubs are so strong that top riders have been known to inflate these tyres well beyond their recommended pressures with no problems to mention. If you do decide to go beyond the max inflation pressure ensure your nuts & bolts holding the hub together are adequately tight & deflate to a regular pressure after use.

1x Matt BLACK Superstar Rims
2x Extruded T6 Aluminum RED Anodised Original Spoke - CNC Precision milled
1x Super strength Dupont NYLON Spoke Support Spacer.
5x M4 x 40 Socket Cap Allen-Key Stainless Steel Bolt
5x M4 Nut - Marine Grade Stainless steel Nylock Nut
1x 7 Inch Inner Tube - INNOVA
1x 7 Inch INLINE Tyre - GREY
Inflated Wheel Diameter 8in
Inflated Wheel Width 2in
Weight: 396g
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