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SINGLE Motor 12s1p x2 Underboard Battery Box Complete XT90s Cable kit - Everything you need to Wire your board if using Zippy Compact batteries with XT90 plugs

SINGLE Motor 12s1p x2 Underboard Battery Box Complete XT90s Cable kit - Everything you need to Wire your board if using Zippy Compact batteries with XT90 plugs Underboard Battery Tray Cable Harness for 6x 2s HRB cells used in the ORRSOM Longboard Underboard Battery Tray Loop Key
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RED Silicon Cable with BLACK TRAMPA logo 4mm Core Top Quality BIAFF electrical Cable price per 10cm

Allow your Electric board to gain the maximum performance by fitting the very highest quality Electrical Cables & Connectors and let the power in your battery flood out as performance at the rear wheels!! Its taken a serious wedge of cash to get what we wanted & a hell of a long time waiting for our turn in production to produce to such a small amount of such a high quality cable, but finally TRAMPA has had what it wanted delivered & we can now supply you with Super high Quality Silicon Cables in RED or BLACK with co-orinating BLACK & WHITE TRAMPA logos to prove the quality & show off the kind of performance your board is capable of! :-)

TRAMPA's gorgeous Silicon cables are made by the same GERMAN company who makes the world Famous BLAFF Cables. The Blaff cables have enclosed in the Besilen insulated​ Silicon Outer sleeve, 1800 Highly flexible TOP QUALITY Copper strands in the center... BLAFF cable is used for the highest demanding jobs where performance is critical. BLAFF's Cables are so good they are used for public Transportation (Trains, Trams, Planes) as they have a global reputation of incredible high standards.

TRAMPA Silicon cables solder perfectly into XT60 & XT90 connectors to give the perfect connection to your power source. A soldering service for a pair of cables is available though TRAMPA when you purchase the cables as pairs,

RED Silicon Casing with contrasting BLACK TRAMPA logo's
Copper Core Dimension - 4mm
Outer Casing Dimension - 4.7mm
Temperature Range -
- Flexible use -25ºC / +180ºC
- Fixed laying -40ºC / +180ºC
Normal Voltage Uo/U 300/300V
Copper used weight 38.4kg per 1000 meters = 3.84 grams per centimeter + casing



This complete Cable kit is used to link 2x 6s Batteries together (the batteries must be fitted with female XT90 connectors), passing trough a 50Amp safety fuse into a single TRAMPA VESC to power a single TRAMPA motor giving you the amazing 12s power that everybody is talking about... :-)

The finely stranded (1036 strands per 4mm core) & highest standard available copper cables (made in Germany) flex perfectly in their top quality & super flexible silicone coating to enable you to connect everything together neatly within the contents of the carbon fibre Beast Box, remember the VESC is mounted internally in the Beast Box and I can tell you it can be a bit of a squeeze fitting everything into the Beast, but having superflexible high quality cables to work with means everything can be easily moved around inside the box slipping them into the perfect position without the fear of damaging the cables or the hand soldered in the UK connections to the XT90 plugs... 

The XT90 plugs have a little ridge on their exterior whilst the material they are made from is very strong and very cleverly we have made the Beast box lid with 2 precision made holes perfect for accepting for the XT90's to push through the lid from the inside of the box & rest against the rim of the hole in the lid, allowing everything else in the box to seal away enabling you to be able to, with the use of some squeeze silicone in a tube to become pretty much weather proof... 

By the use of some suitably small 2mm holes next to the precision holes for the XT90 connectors it's possible in combination to neatly zip tie between the XT90's to lock them firmly in position  giving them a strong enough connection  so that so that you can easily push & pull the loopkey / cuicuit breaker at any time from the exterior with out the fear of damaging anything inside or out...!

 The beast box is also fitted with more precision holes to allow tying the exterior VESC cables which come out of the rear of the Beast box to reach the motor whilst holding all the cables neatly in their best position.

Constructed using 4mm thick of the highest standard Copper available (that's lots of Super fine copper Strands - 1036 strands per 4mm core) and coated in Super Flexible Premium Silicone which has been TRAMPA Stamped to prove it's geniality & expected quality (Cus these top quality cables are not cheap) are used to maximise & maintain full performance in your Electric TRAMPA Board at all times! 

In this kit you get he following items -
Underboard Battery Tray Cable Harness for 6x 2s HRB cells
RED Silicon Cable with BLACK TRAMPA Logo - per 10cm
XT90H-M connector - Male
Weight: 63g
Quantity required:
RRP £30 - per Kit

RRP Includes 20% VAT

Non-EU customers purchase tax-free

Approx price :
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