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Ratchet Buckle Powder coated Red

Ratchet Buckle Powder coated Red
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TRAMPA's RATCHET BUCKLE connects to Footstraps & to Heel StrapsThe Ratchet Buckles are fundamental component part of the Bindings, the Ratchet Style bindings will not function without them. Ratchet Buckles are mostly commonly used by Mountain Boarders looking for the most secure connection to the Deck. By simply lifting the ratchet lever up & down feeds the strap into the Ratchet Buckle gradually tightening as it goes. You can tighten the strap as much as you comfortably like the bindings to be. To undo the Ratchet Buckle simple apply some pressure to the Release Clip and the straps should simply pull apart.

The Base of the RATCHET BUCKLE has a "Special Hook" The Hook is used to slip into a special slot, anchoring the Ratchet into the footstrap, eliminating any movement in its mounting. This locking into position ensures maximum control over your board through your bindings at all times. A Quick Release Clip, using an extra long lever makes opening the bindings really easy to do, whilst a range of colour coordinating surface protection (colour) options allows you to match up in colour to all of the TRAMPA products on sale. Use an M5x8mm Countersunk Bolt & special Marine Grade Stainless steel STAR NUT to fix the Ratchet Buckle into the Foot StrapEnsure your nuts & bolts are tight before you ride!

Red Powder coated Ratchet Buckle
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