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Ratchet Binding Footstrap & Ladder - BLUE straps on Black foam

Ratchet Binding Footstrap & Ladder - BLUE straps on Black foam
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TRAMPA Ratchet style foot-straps are the strongest & most Sturdy bindings on the market! Ergonomically designed to ensure a comfy fit, TRAMPA Bindings will keep your feet, locked into the perfect position, enabling your board to be as responsive as it should.? The L Brackets are connected to the footstraps using Marine Grade Stainless Steel Extra Wide DOME HEADED BOLTS. These will not "Pull through" or interfere with the comfort on the side of your foot what so ever.... 

Our amazing foot-straps have a special "SLOT" on the top of the plastic strap to allow the "90º Hook" (found on the base of the Ratchet or Camlock Buckle), to locate into.  This special slot locks the Buckle perfectly into place, eliminating any potential movement. A special Marine Grade Stainless Steel STAR NUT pushes into the foam from the underside of the strap & a 8mm countersunk bolt tightens the buckle firmly into the strap. Replacement foot-straps are sold as pairs & will fit both RATCHET & CAMLOCK Buckles. Ladder straps are sold separately.

Ratchet Binding Footstraps - BLUE straps on Black foam
Weight: 235g
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