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TRAMPA's SPUR GEAR Electric Mountainboard is just one of many STUNNING electrical creations to come out of TRAMPA HQ. This Electric Mountainboard is designed for ALL adult sized riders & will easily achieve speeds well over 50kmph while tackling the toughest terrains!

The SPUR GEAR Mountain Board is likened to a Motorcross bike - designed with insane torque - for eye watering, top-speed rides & jumps, opposed to the PRO BELT DRIVE Mountainboard, which is designed like a Motor-Enduro bike, for longer, more comfortable rides.

TRAMPA's SPUR GEAs are housed within a super strong, rubber-sealed Tub, CNC’d from a solid block of heat-treated T6 Aluminium. Ensuring all the moving parts are safe from the elements, as well as knocks & bumps that come along naturally when riding.

The SPUR GEAR DRIVE uses Helical or Straight cut gears. Helical Gears give a gear ratio of 1:5.8, whereas straight cut gives 1:5.9 – meaning straight-cut gears have a tad more power when accelerating. However, Straight-cut gears are louder than the Helical when riding along (although we’ve found some mad people who like the noise!).

All Electric MOUNTAINBOARDS are fitted with a MONSTER BATTERY BOX as standard. Working in conjunction to the channel in the CNC’d Electric Deck; the Monster Box sits in between the rider’s feet, evenly distributing the weight of the batteries, without sacrificing any ‘pop’ or flex from the deck. MONSTER BOXES can house two VESCs and still have 205 x 190 x 74mm of usable battery space! Allowing you to fit up to 2x 22,000mAh Lipo cells, or up to 12s9p 18650 cells. Made from 2mm & 4mm thick 3k Twill Carbon Fibre panels, the Monster box has been CNC machined with a 2.1mm groove - allowing the panels to slot in & interconnect perfectly, giving a watertight & strong construction to the box.

Using TWIN 6376 185KV DC MOTORS (the most powerful motors we currently offer), this board is insanely powerful! Able to fly off the line, up hills, and round corners, easily hitting 50km/h – these motors weren’t designed for being left behind.
Sitting snuggly in the new PRO Motor Housing, along with a specially designed mesh, the motors are safe from any knocks, as well as any dust particles that could get inside & damage them.

TRAMPA's PRO Mountainboards use PRECISION VERTIGO SPRING TRUCKS. These trucks have been precision CNC’d to work in perfect harmony with the CONICAL CLAMP TRUCK ADAPTOR -ensuring accurate & sturdy PRO MOTOR MOUNT attachment.
VERTIGO spring trucks are fully adjustable steering system, which allows you to accurately fine-tune the steering resistance through SPRING ADJUSTORS & swapping out different coloured DAMPAS. With hollow steel 9.525mm axles & a lot of their bulk CNC’d out, VERTIGO trucks only weigh 1676g per set!
It’s possible to attach T6 Aluminum BULL BARS to your front truck, which not only knocks the road-kill out of the way & potentially mows the lawn as you go, but also allows you to connect all kinds of things from lights, cameras, Sat-Navs, or anything else you may need on the front end of your board.

PRO Mountainboard Drives fit 8 & 9 inch wheels with SUPERSTAR or MEGASTAR hubs. With so many Spoke, Rim & Tyre options – you can build wheels that look pimp, and fly through any terrain you throw at them. Using the new OFFSET or DEEP DISH MEGASTAR RIMS its possible to extend your wheelbase, adding more stability - perfect for taller/larger riders!
We’ve become quite fond of setting up boards with 8 inch wheels on the front, & 9 inch wheels connected to the motors - a game changer when it comes to grip, acceleration & top speeds! So-much-so that we’re offering 2x 9 inch MEGASTAR Wheels with a £50 discount, for people who want to experience it for themselves!

PRO Mountain boards come with Bindings as standard, and are able to fit any style we offer.

TRAMPA's PRO EXTERNAL SPUR GEAR Electric Mountain Board is delivered to you FULLY ASSEMBLED in a Luxury Travel Bag, with a Graupner Ultramat 18 Charger. All you need to do is purchase & fit the batteries and you’re ready to roll!

You will need to supply your own Batteries to make the board move. There are many options when it comes to cells; desired range & budget usually determine the sort of cells you should purchase.
People ask us all the time what cells to use - & there are hidden issues with some cells, such as availability, price, shipping restrictions, wrong connectors, or complexity of build (especially when it comes to making custom build batteries). Taking all these factors into consideration, we found a regular supply of good performance cells from a variety of suppliers & consequently built our Battery Boxes around them. Check out our RECOMMENDED BATTERIES page for help. Easy :-)

We recommend you service your board every three rides, or after any particularly tough ride. Check the hardware is tight, and for any damage, particularly to the motor mounts/trucks. Reapply grease to the gears and insure the tub is free from any dust/dirt. Servicing your board is important for keeping it running smoothly, as well as for your safety when riding.

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