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PRIMO STRIKER - 8 Inch Hard Packed Dirt Tyres

PRIMO STRIKER - 8 Inch Hard Packed Dirt Tyres 8 Inch DIAMOND TREAD Tyre
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PRIMO's 8 Inch STRIKER Tyre design brief was styled towards fast riding on hard packed dirt surfaces. It is made using a hard rubber compound with a Wide Center Bead to help achieve maximum rolling speeds whilst the close cut grip pattern around the sides of the tyre gives loads of grip on all kinds of changable terrain's. Using Harder Rubber makes the STRIKER Tyre very fast whilst  hard-wearing, The PRIMO STRIKER is a great Tyre option for riding on any Solid surfaces from dusty dirt tracks to hard packed asphalt. The STRIKER tyre will fit to all known Hubs that are commonly used for Mountainboarding & Kiteboarding.

Incorporated into the rubber of the tyre are 2x 3.75 Inch wide Steel Bands running around the inner rims. Regular sized Threads (TPI) tie the Steel bands together giving the PRIMO STRIKER the strength & structure to be inflated up to & well beyond the recommended factory inflation pressures. The more you inflate your Tyres the faster you will roll! If you over inflate the Tyres it is possible they will explode which may cause you serious injury! The official maximum inflation pressure set by the factory for the ALPHA Tyre is 50psi, but the ALPHA Tyres are made so well & the TRAMPA Hubs are so strong that our Crash test Dummies (I mean Team Riders) have been known to inflate these Tyres well beyond their recommended pressures with no problems to mention. If you do decide to go beyond the max inflation pressure ensure your nuts & bolts are tight & deflate back to a regular pressure after use. 

1x 8 Inch DIAMOND TREAD Tyre
Weight: 270g
Sorry this product cannot be bought online at this time. Please contact us for further information.

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