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9 Inch DIAMOND TREAD Tyre 9 Inch DIAMOND TREAD Tyre 9x 2.5x 4 Inch Diamonds Tread Tyres - INNOVA

INNOVA DIAMOND Tread 4PR 9 Inch Tyre ALL ROUND PERFORMANCE 4x 2.5x 9 fits 4 Inch Rims only

INNOVA's 9 Inch DIAMOND cut All Round Tyre is an off the shelf "Old Skool Classic".  Rest of this text needs Doing!! :-)

Its Straight-Cut 3mm line Grooved profile & ability to handle High Inflation rates makes this tyre perfect option for high speed easy rolling, working best on hard, packed surfaces such as Skate parks, Tarmac or Ashpalt.

Re-enforced with a 4 Inch Steel Band INNOVA's INLINE Tyre is "4PR" rated. PR means "Ply Rating", so this tyre has 4 Ply / Layers of rubber that are inter-twined with its inner structural threads. Most other Tyres in the TRAMPA range are 2PR, so having 4PR means its double thickness & therefore much stronger, more resistant to punctures and more capable of high pressure!! The extra strength in the tyre means it will easily handle much higher than recommended inflation pressures, making it perfect for all sorts of high speed applications. As a consequence of the extra material used & the extra strength gained means the 9 Inch INLINE tyre does carry a little bit of extra weight when comparing weight to other similar sized tyres.

The INLINE's 3mm deep, grooved surface, encourages the tyre to "Track" in a straight line, whilst the 9 inch inflated diameter is plenty big enough to glide over mini pot holes & handle mildly rough terrain easily.. Measuring 225mm x 60mm when inflated, this INLINE Tyre will only fit to the PRIMO 3 SPOKE Hub. The factory's recommended max tyre pressure is 50psi. Over Inflation of your tyres may cause the Tyre to explode and cause you an injury so please be careful if you try this at home...

TRAMPA's new & incredibly aggressive 9 inch MUD-PLUGGER Tyre works best in the worst conditions!

Using a 3ply Hard compound rubber, the reinforced structure of the tyre will prevent the possibilities of punctures & with Grip on Grip & Grip on the side walls, and a 2.5 inch surface contact the 9 Inch Mud-Plugger Tyres will pretty much take you anywhere you can imagine riding! Lowering the tyre pressure will further increase your grip :-)

9 Inch Tyres will only fit to the amazing 9 Inch MEGASTAR Rims or the 3 Spoke PRIMO Hubs.

Using 9 inch MEGASTAR Rims, you can connect the 9 inch Mud-Plugger tyres to the Pro Belt Drive & the Pro Spur Gear Drive Electric Mountainboards

Using 3 Spoke Primo Hubs It is possible to connect with 9 inch Mud-Plugger Tyres to the Urban Electric Mountainboards

The 9 Inch Mud-Plugger tyres will provide you with loads of extra grip for any Electric Mountainboard, but to save money & most importantly weight you only need 2x Wheels to get all the extra grip ive been describing above, so we have made it is possible for you to purchase just 2x 9 inch MEGASTAR Wheels with a complete Pro Electric Mountainboard at a very special upgrade price when purchased with a complete board....

1x 9 Inch DIAMOND Tread Tyres - 4x 2.5x 9
Weight: 592g
Do you want a discounted priced Inner Tube with your Tyre?
Do you want a discounted priced Inner Tube with your Tyre?

Yes please - PRIMO Inner Tube (+£7.50)
Yes please - PRIMO Inner Tube (+£7.50)

Yes please - INNOVA Inner Tube (+£7.50)
Yes please - INNOVA Inner Tube (+£7.50)

NO Inner Tube Thanks!

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