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OPEN BELT DRIVE Electric Mountainboards


The OPEN BELT DRIVE (OBD) is the latest drive system to be introduced to TRAMPA’s amazing range. Replacing the URBAN BELT DRIVE System, the Open Belt Drives uses all-in-one Motor Mounting Panel & Truck connectors, CNC’d from premium heat-treated T6 aluminium. 

Also CNC’d from Premium Aluminium is the OBD Motor Adaptor, fitting harmoniously into the Mounting Panel, the motor adaptor can be moved easily by tightening/loosening an M4x20mm Socket-capped bolt, allowing precision belt tensioning on the fly.

The OPEN BELT DRIVE is available in two models, each designed with different gear ratios & very different performances in mind.  

OBD 66T uses the 66 tooth Slave Pulley with a gear ratio of 4.71:1 - giving a top speed  of ~36mph, and performance favouring eye-watering top speeds over acceleration. OBD 66T systems can use 8 or 9 inch Wheels.

OBD 76T uses the 76 tooth Slave Pulley with a gear ratio of 5.43:1 - giving an amazing level of torque (similar to the Spur Gear Drive), and performance favouring insane acceleration over overall top speed. Due to clearance, OBD 76T Systems can only use 9 inch Wheels. 

Designed to be AS SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE - these drive systems truly are a DIY-er’s dream.

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