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MkIII CARVE Truck Motor Mount T6 Aluminium Anodised - GOOFY BLACK

MkIII CARVE Truck Motor Mount T6 Aluminium Anodised - GOOFY BLACK
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TRAMPA's MKII 'Carve Truck' MOTOR MOUNTs are CNC Precision made from a solid block of 'T6 Heat Treated' Premium Aluminum. Once the motor is attached to the Motor Mount the Premium Aluminum acts as a 'heat sink' allowing any potential heat build up from a well thrashed Motor, the extra heat disbursement it might need to help keep it cool. When accompanied with the Motor Fan, guys riding in hot countries should worry no more as the Extra heat Dispersement from the Motor Mount & extra cooling from spinning Fans attached to the motors will take care of all that!! :-)

The MKII Motor Mount is Anodised for good looks & surface protection & of course to be colour co-ordinated to match the hundreds of the other pimp-ass good looking products on the TRAMPA website!! Once Anodised the Mounts are Laser Logo'd to inform the user what the item is & most importantly which side fits where...! :-)

To give enough space to be able to fit 2x of TRAMPA's big 6376 Motors, the MKII Urban Motor Mounts are not symmetrical. This means the Left side (REGULAR) will not fit to the Right side (GOOFY), so if your wishing to ride single motor please do not mix these different sides up. You should ride with your motor Mount on your rear foot, HEAL SIDE, so if your left foot is forward your Regular & if your right foot is forwards then you ride Goofy.....

The MKII URBAN Mount will lock on to any of the TRAMPA URBAN CARVE Trucks or Hangers & using just 2x M8 Grippy Grub screws & will comfortably fit 2x of ANY of the 6364 or 6376 TRAMPA Motors!! Some serious serious power for a little board!!

The MKII URBAN Mounts are used to fit STICKIES Longboard Wheels, any GIANT sized GUMMIES Longboard Wheels & any 6.5 inch URBAN TREADS & 7 Inch Inline Pneumatic Tyres....

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