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TRAMPA's 6 spoke HYPA Hub is by far the sexiest, as well as being the strongest, 3.75-inch hub on the market today!

The HYPA hubs 6 spoke design is technically advanced & is manufactured using original Du-Pont materials & the very latest in precision injection molding machinary - No quality expense is spared!  This delux combination of technical design, top quality machinary & original genuine materials, creates a product that is far superior to all of our competitiors, resulting in performance that is well beyond normal expectations. This extra performnce means the TRAMPA HYPA hub can handle much higher than recommended tyre inflation pressures, generting substantially higer than normal roll speeds. During testing our crash test dummies (i mean the Team riders) commonly rode with these hubs well above 80psi & beyond.... When resting at the top of the mountain we measued Joels pressure at 110psi! (110 psi is not recommended!)

The HYPA hubs are held together using only the best Marine Grade (A4) Stainless steel Nuts & Bolts so they definitly wont rust on you (EVER) & are therfore perfect for bad conditions. All the Bolts used by TRAMPA have been dipped in a special Blue Locking Paste & all the Nuts are fitted with the world renowned Nylon "Nylock" Nut locking System, all these no expense spared small details ensure you get the absolute best hub possible!

HYPA hubs are available in loads of different colours & surface finishes, all of which are TRAMPA embossed between the spokes proving the top quality! Do not buy imitations as they will not perform the same!  TRAMPA’s own high class Steel Bearings, (Genuine  ABEC 5 rated Bearings) push perfectly into the HYPA hub bearing housing, guaranteeing the fastest spin rate to the wheel possible. Use either Bearing reducer sleeves into 12mm Bearings or use TRAMPA's 10mm Bearings to fit the HYPA hubs onto 9.52mm skate axles. HYPA hubs are compatible with all known 8-inch tyres currently on the market including MBS & Scrub. Put quite simply – HYPA hubs are by the Best!

Along with many other applications that these wheels will fit too, the HYPA hub will fit and accept ALL the other brands of mountainboards on the market including MBS, SCRUB & KHEO, so when you are looking for an upgrade to your ride you know where too look! Basically the HYPA will fit to anything that uses a Imperial 7/16ths (9.52mm) or 12mm bearings to fit onto the axle. If you already have your own 12mm bearings there are conversion spacers available to convert your 12mm bearings to work on the 7/16ths Imperial (9.52mm) skate axles and a different size spacer to convert them to fit 10mm (metric) scooter axles (see associated parts for details).

Bearings are supplied at a discounted price when purchased with hubs... TRAMPA ABEC 5 Bearings are normally £1.88 each (£15 per set of 8) but when they are purchased with a set of hubs they work out at only £1.25 each which is only £10 per set of 8 bearings when purchased with hub set) giving you a £5 Saving per set!

TRAMPA's 6 spoke HYPA Hub is the lightest, strongest injection moulded 8 inch hub / wheel on the market today. Produced using original DuPont ingredients & the very latest in injection moulding machinery, no quality expense is spared!! HYPA Hubs are so strong, during testing our Crash Test Dummies (i mean the Team Riders) frequently inflated their HYPA wheels well beyond 75psi with no problems to report!

HYPA Hubs are available in loads of coordinating colours all of which are TRAMPA embossed proving our top quality, so to avoid disappointment dont go buying imitations! Our top quality continues as the HYPA Hubs construction uses A4 (Marine Grade) Stainless Steel Nuts & Bolts which are guaranteed never to rust.

HYPA Hubs are compatible with all known 8 Inch Tyres on the market today.

TRAMPA’s very own & genuine ABEC rated Bearings push perfectly into the HYPA Hub, guaranteeing the fastest spin rate possible. Use 12mm bearings (12x28x8mm) for 12mm axles or you can use Bearing Reducer Sleeves to fit your existing 12mm bearings onto 10mm axles (9.52mm or 7/16ths inch axles). 9.52x28x8mm bearings also fit TRAMPA hubs to 9.52mm Skate Axles.

Bearings are supplied at a discounted price when purchased with a set of hubs...
2 x Bearings cost only £2.50 x 4 = £10 per set of 8 making a £5 saving per set!

Weight: 125g
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The total number of this part in stock is 2575
RRP £10 - per hub

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