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Magura brake cable

Magura brake cable
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You are looking at 2 Meters of Magura High pressure brake cable. Should you have encountered a problem & damaged your cable then this 2 Meter cable length will fit into your Magura Brake Handle.

If you have had an accident & need to make some repairs, make sure when you have taken everything apart that you check all the little parts for cracks or bends before replacing the pipe on its own.

It is good practice to replace the copper washers when you take them apart as these get washers crushed when tightening, this is to make the seal tighter & they only crush once per lifetime.

If you have had to replace the pipe you will need to 'Re-Bleed' your brake system. You can do this easily by using the MAGURA Brake Service kit. The kit contains a bottle of MAGURA BLOOD, syringes, connectors & extra pipes, everything you need to get back on the board & riding again!

Magura brake cable - 2 Meter service Length
Weight: 100g
Quantity required:
RRP £7.50 - each

Excluding VAT

Approx price :
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