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L Bracket - Anodised SILVER with BLACK logo

L Bracket - Anodised SILVER with BLACK logo
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TRAMPA L Brackets are made using 5mm thick Extruded T6 Aluminum. They should never fail on you. Once they have been forced through the die, the continuous L shape that comes out the other side is then punched into the shape you can see. Extruding aluminum gives the metal it the strongest molecular structure possible and it comes naturally with a high quality polished finish that is perfect for Anodising or Powdercoating. Before any surface coatings are added the L Bracket is sent away for more polishing, this extra polishing adds boldness to the shade and depth added to the colour. All L Brackets come with a complimenting TRAMPA logo. M5x20mm Dome head bolts hold the L Bracket to the Straps. M6x25mm Countersunk bolts hold the L Bracket to the deck. You can customise the position of the L bracket & strap to your requirements. Fits to all TRAMPA footstraps and most other brands foot straps & is compatible to fit to both MBS & Scrub boards. Ensure all your nuts and bolts are tight before riding!

Weight: 34g
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RRP £6.25 - each

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