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FLEECE Lined Regatta HUDOSN Jacket - Luxury protection from the elements

FLEECE Lined Regatta HUDOSN Jacket - Luxury protection from the elements Regatta Coat Fleece lined - Medium Jacket Printing - On the Front Jacket Printing - On the Back Jacket Printing - On the Sleeves
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Regatta Coat Fleece lined - Medium

                    COMFORTABLE   WARM   STYLISH   JACKET

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s m l xl xxl
Chest size 36-38 38-40 40-42 42-44 46-48
Sleeve size 20 21 22 23 24
Drop length 24 25 26 27 28

Not only does TRAMPA's FLEECE LINED REGATTA JACKET look incredibly smart but it keeps you snug as a bug after your often cold activities outdoors. The REGATTA HUDSON Jacket is totally windproof. It will stop the drafts circulating your body on a windy day. The HUDSON JACKET also has a water resistant coating. I wouldn't say this coating is as good as Waterproof, but it is certainly resistant to a lot of rain. I live in the UK and its always raining here, my Regatta coat has certainly been well tested!!!

The HUDSON JACKET is generous in size. It can easily be worn over the top of other sporting equipment such as elbow pads or back protection... To avoid leaks this jacket has been printed rather than embroidered, which is quite a difficult to do when the jacket is already made and the heater used for making the print can easily melt the garment! Special low temperature vinyl has been sourced for this process...

In total their are 4 prints on the garment, one small TRAMPA logo on the front, a Large TRAMPA logo with web domain on the rear between the shoulders & 2 TRAMPABOARDS logos running down the inside of both sleeves...  And the zips have all been pimped out with the TRAMPA ZIPPER PULLIES making accessing the contents of your pocket or zipping the coat up with Gloves on no problem at all!!

TRAMPA's FLEECE LINED REGATTA Jacket has a Built in Hood that neatly folds away into the collar. When the hood is packed away the extra thickness of the material, combined with the Fleece trimmed collar keeps the back of your neck really warm. The exterior pockets come with full length zips helping you to get access to & keep your possessions safe when you might be riding upside down on the beech! To further compliment the finish and detail of the Fleece Lined Jacket, it is fitted with 2 internal pockets, one on either side of the chest which both have a Velcro seal to keep your possessions safe. One pocket is ideally sized to fit the likes of a mobile phone whilst the other has a slightly larger opening giving easy access space (Such as when wearing gloves) with a slightly larger/deeper over size to the pocket.

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1x Regatta Coat Fleece lined - Medium
1x Small TRAMPA logo on the front of Jacket
1x Large TRAMPA logo & web domain on rear of Jacket
2x TRAMPABOARDS printed on inside of both sleeves
What size Fleece lined Jacket do you require ?
What size Fleece lined Jacket do you require ?

Small (36 - 38 Inch Chest)
Small (36 - 38 Inch Chest)

Medium (38 - 40 inch chest)
Medium (38 - 40 inch chest)

Large (40 - 42 inch chest)
Large (40 - 42 inch chest)

X Large (42 - 44 Inch Chest)
X Large (42 - 44 Inch Chest)

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