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Chargers & Recommended Battery links


Its very difficult for TRAMPA to be able to supply batteries... The Batteries we use are powerful. Powerful enough to be viewed by many of the shipping companies as dangerous & what with all the extra security going on in the world at the moment these companies are not so keen to carry them for us without first acquiring lots of special licenses. The licenses are expensive to purchase & time consuming to acquire as exams have to be sat to acquire them & well TRAMPA is just not that big a company... The truth is other companies specialize in supplying the batteries & so we take advantage of this because TRAMPA could never compete on price or be able to ship them freely, or be able to keep up with the forever moving battery technology that's constantly going on, so instead of struggling trying to include them in the sale of the board we point you in the right direction to help you get what you need to complete your DIY Electric board project....

We suggest, to gain the best performance out of your TRAMPA Electric Board, (remember it comes fitted as standard with the amazing VESC 6 Speed controller), that you fit good quality batteries with a cell size of no less than 10s power (10 Cells in series) & no more than 12s Power (12 Cells in series). 12s is the serialising (connecting together) of 12 battery cells together. When you pull the trigger on your controller, all the power of 12 batteries to come out at once! Effectively supplying 12 times the power!! 12s Power on a TRAMPA Electric Board will make you smile for a long time after first experiencing it :-)

When installing your chosen batteries into your MONSTER or BEAST BOX, it’s a good idea to secure them to the inside with velcro, and then pad the area around the batteries with foam. This reduces any ride-ruining-rattling sounds & keeps the batteries safe from bouncing around when riding over rough terrain.

12s Power is the perfect amount of power for the VESC 6 Speed Controller & TRAMPA has purpose built most of its Battery Boxes to house this perfect amount of 12s power. For those that have the skills & tools to make the work on a custom battery, 12s Power can be 'Run in Parallel' (e.g. 12s3p) & will extend your riding range considerable. Custom making your own 12s3p battery using 18650 battery cells will give you the highest performance possible (on a single Motor Beast Box setup) & for those who demand only the very highest performance is for sure the best way forwards. But to make your own custom battery is not simple & does currently take electrical skills & knowledge and should certainly not be attempted by enthusiasts without the skills as it is possible to injure yourself, kill yourself, or even blow the Bloody roof off should something simple go terribly wrong. But for those that do possess the skills, make sure you buy good cells & a good battery welder, a high temperature soldering iron is essential & there are lots of guides/examples available on forums & Youtube detailing other riders custom battery builds etc, look for Custom 12s batteries online...

So im gunna try n give you some idea about what to expect from 2x 6s Batteries harnessed together to make 12s by trying to describe my ride...

I (ted) live in the city of Nottingham, approx 6 kilometers away from my office, depending on what board im riding will depend on which route i ride but we have a great network of cycle paths all around me (Nottingham has more cycle paths than any city in England) & i love to ride my URBAN CARVER, its perfect for the narrow Cycle paths! On the Urban Carve I have my Trucks set super loose (with the Springs set in the inside position & no Dampa's) as i prefer to carve more than go flat out top speed, the route around the river that i ride is lovely, id rather take my time carving and enjoy the ride looking at the animals on the water than go flat out! Following the river means i barely need to cross a road, let alone ride on the road which for me is absolutely perfect, i literally ride from outside my house, i dont stop at all & i go all the way to work with only 1 set of traffic lights to cross - what a way to start your day!!! 

The terrain on my route to work is mostly pavement which satisfies my early morning carving crave, but there is also a levy with a walk way on the top so if i wish to head off road for a kilometer or two, being on the Urban Carve which is capable of on or off road, i can! Most of the route is flat, so i get good range out of my batteries) but close to the office there are 1 or two reasonable slopes that i amaze on looking car drivers who are sat stuck in traffic jams gawping at me as i casully carve my way to the top of the hill, even the steepest of hills is no problem with 12s power & it looks so funny to see someone carving uphill!! haha!

On my Urban Carver, im using a Single 136kv Motor with, 14 Tooth Motor Pulley, 66 tooth Urban Slave pulley & the New urban Carve 6.5 inch tyres, No bindings. I dont add Bindings as im city riding, if i need to jump off at Traffic lights then its no problem, and because i have the Holes in the deck (its a Holypro deck don't forget) allow me to slip my middle fingers into the hole and because it s so light i can very comfortably pick the deck up with just these 2 fingers to cross any busy road junctions or similar.  

My setup is powered using 2x 6s ZIPPY Compact cells (6200mAh 6s 40c Lipo Pack w/ XT90) these are harnessed together to give me 12s power. The 12s Batteries pack tightly into the Beast Box which also internally houses the amazing VESC 6 & all the cables in it too. The Beast box is mounted on the rear tip of my deck placing al the power very close to the motors which means nice & short cables & no loss of power. For sure you could argue having the Beast box mounted on the back is a little bit un-sightly, but there is nowhere else more suitable to be able to fit such size & shape of batteries & anyway the performance or more in important than the appearance, of which the performance is miles ahead of anything else out there & I honestly cant imagine Electric Skateboarding could ever get any better than the all round experience of riding my Electric Urban Carve Deck... 

Riding around the river (Flat surface) using 2x 6s Batteries harnessed together will easily give me 15kms - 20kms range if not considerably further... Its the same as driving a car in that it all depends on how you are using your power, for instance if your always riding flat out, always at top speed & always balls out acceleration all the time, then for sure you will get less than 15km range, but if you are being an all round rider & lets say crusing at half speed n flat pathways the you will get lots more range than 15km. 

Matters that can effect performance in your batteries

Batteries - Choosing high quality cells will extend your riding range. 
Gearing - Choosing the correct gearing ratio to suit your ride will fine tune your boards performance & range.
Flat Tyres - Soft tyres cause drag putting strain on the wheels using up more juice to travel the same speed with less distance.
Poor Charging - Cheap chargers without balancer cables will reduce the capability of your batteries.
Riding Up Hills - will drain more juice out of the batteries than riding on the flat or down hill.
Terrain surface - Hard packed terrain creates less Drag than Long Grass when rolling over which will drain more juice form your batteries.
Head Wind - makes it harder for the small motor to push through using more juice.
Weight - Heavier riders will not go as far or accelerate as fast as lighter rider.
Temperature - If its cold outside your batteries will run flat sooner than if its warm, but if its too hot the same happens.
High Speed - Riding flat out top speed all the time will drain your batteries faster!
Acceleration - 80% of battery use is in the first 20% of acceleration, standing starts drain batteries, try to push as you pull off.

So, using my own non Scientific guide as to how far 2x 6s 6200 mAh Zippy compact cells (1x 12s) battery will last you, taking into account all the factor dependent variants inc gearing & rider weight leads me to suggest to you that, depending on how you squeeze your trigger when your riding a TRAMPA deck with 12s power, that each S your battery has (based on the 6200 mAh cell) is equivalent to approx, either 1 Kilometer or 1 Mile depending on how your squeezing the trigger. So on that calculation, you should be able to get approx 12 Kilometers flat out riding or 12 Miles gentle riding from 1x 12s 6200 mAh Battery pack

So you need 2x 6s Zippy Compact Batteries to make 12s power to each motor. Therefore if you run a board with TWIN Motor you need 4x 6s Zippy Compact Batteries to power it.

Ideally the 6s batteries you purchase are high Capacity rated, we advise a minimum capacity rating of 5800mAh, anything above this is good performance. The Batteries you purchase should also be ideally capable of a discharge of 25C (or above - Above is better) Constant, capable of a 50C Burst & be fitted with a Balancer cable for best charging practice & of course needs to be fitted with XT90 Plugs.

The Battery in the link above on the Hobbyking website has the ideal performance to make nice 12s power

Capacity: 6200mAh
Voltage: 6S1P / 6 Cell / 22.2V
Discharge: 40C Constant / 50C Burst
Weight: 835g (including wire, plug & case)
Dimensions: 157x45x60mm
Balance Plug: JST-XH
Discharge Plug: XT90

In order to gain 12s power to one of TRAMPA's powerful Single Motor TRAMPA Board you will need to purchase a minimum of 2x 6s Zippy Compact Batteries that are fitted with XT90 Plugs fitted. If you cannot find the batteries with XT90 plugs you may have to solder your own to make the connection, but assuming you have found the correct batteries, using the XT90 12s Battery Harness that is supplied with your board, you simply push & connect the 2x 6s batteries together to make the 12s power...

TRAMPA has designed the Beast Box around the dimensions of the 2x 6s Zippy Compact Batteries although they will also fit 12s3p custom 18650 cells no problem :-)

I like to ride my boards in the same way i expect my customers too & most of my customers do not possess the skills to make custom batteries (including myself - i call in the Electrician!!)) & so i use the Zippy compacts, i have done for the last 2 years, ive had no problems to report, although i never run my batteries completely flat and nver over charge them, so as a consequence they have lasted me well :-)

We have made a nice arrangement with the HRB Battery factory located in China who are willing to give favorable prices to TRAMPA Customers. HRB have good reputation for producing nice high performance cells used in many applications what involve remote control use such as Drones, Race cars, Place, Choppers, Boats & now Off Road Skateboards!! HRB offer High mAh cells that fit perfectly into the TRAMPA Batery Boxes giving fabulous high performance & extended riding range... 

Along with the complications of shipping powerful cells, the Batteries are for sure expensive to purchase so TRAMPA decided not to sell the batteries therefore cutting out the middle man to make the batteries cheaper for you to purchase. TRAMPA is purely recommending HRB as a good supplier for the cells & TRAMPA makes no margin or takes any kick back for HRB's supply to you.

HRB can ship to the following countries
USA,  Germany,  United Kingdom,  France,  Italy,  Spain,  Poland,  Hungary,  Belgium,  Luxembourg,  Denmark,  Netherlands,  Austria,  Finland,  Ireland,  Portugal,  Sweden,  Czech Republic,  Northern Ireland,  Bulgaria,  Estonia,  Greece,  Lithuania,  Latvia,  Romania,  Slovenia,  Slovakia &  Croatia

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