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Axle support Spacer for Hangers with Brakes - 12 x 16 x 18.5mm - LATHED

Axle support Spacer for Hangers with Brakes - 12 x 16 x 18.5mm - LATHED
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The 18.5mm Aluminium Axle and hub spacer snugly rests between the base of the Axle against the hanger and the bearing housing inside Trampa Superstar Hubs when they are fitted with disk brakes. They are precision engineered to ensure accurate fit

This special 18.5mm Spacer is used to fit TRAMPA SUPERSTAR Wheels onto 12mm Axles with Brakes.  It was our intention to make all of our Spacers to be the same size (18.2mm) so they have multi applicational use. Sadly this isnt quite the case and the SUPERSTAR hubs need a slightly longer Spacer to fit the SUPERSTAR wheels onto the Brake Truck Hangers.

This 18.5mm spacer will only fit SUPERSTAR Wheels when fitting them onto the 12mm Spring Truck Axles that have been modifed to fit hydraulich Brakes. The SPacer positions the Hub Perfectly for the brakes to work.

The Spacer is produced as a long tube, its polished for surface protection & best appearance & then precision CNC cut to the exact length for accurate mounting. This Spacer will fit onto 12mm Axles only.

Weight: 4g
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