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Marine Grade Stainless Steel Complete ATB Deck Bolt Kit for ALL 35º SOLID Decks - 12/17ply

Marine Grade Stainless Steel Complete ATB Deck Bolt Kit for ALL 35º SOLID Decks - 12/17ply
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All Trampa Bolts are dipped in Blue "locking paste" whilst all nuts have the "Nylock" locking system to ensure the most secure of fixes possible.

The M6x25mm Binding bolts are countersunk to give a highly secure flush fit.

Trampa use only the finest A4 Marine Grade stainless steel in all of their hardware which means your Trampa can be used and handle the harshest of environments...

The special M5x25mm "Shanked" bolt reduces "Vibration Abration" which can be aquired from riding rough terrain, giving extra durability to the deck.

Use an 8mm ring Spanner and an 8mm socket drive to tighten your truck nuts onto their bolts and use a 4mm Allen Key (or HEX key) and 10mm socket drive to tighten the nuts onto the countersunk bolts.

This 25mm Marine Grade Stainless Steel Complete Deck Bolt kit fixes the TRUCKS & BINDINGS to all ply 35º TRAMPA ATB SOLID Decks. As the amazing Vertigo baseplate has the huge weight saving hole, in order to make this hole as large as we desired we were forced to re-position the industry standard (Skate Pattern) top row fixing holes into a more suitable place & at the same time we decided to oversize this hole to give us more strength in our connection. So in order to fit the Spring Trucks to the 35º decks you need 2 sizes of bolts, M5 & M6.

All of TRAMPAs Bolts are dipped in BLUE LOCKING PASTE whilst all of the Nuts have been fitted with the world renowned "Nylock" locking system to ensure the most secure fix possible! & being made of Marine Grade Stainless Steel will never rust on you

To assemble your Board with this kit you will need
2 x 8mm Spanners
1 x 10mm Spanner

1 x 4mm Allen Key

Firstly fix the Trucks to the deck by using the Spring Adjusters to guide you into position & mate the trucks into the deck, then place the washers onto the bolts & then push the M5 Hex Head Truck bolts through the holes closest to the bindings on the top side of the Deck into & out of the truck below. Using your fingers keep the connection tight & tighten the M5 nut onto the bolt. Repeat this placing all 4 x M5 Bolts into the deck (Both ends) finger tightening their nuts on. Repeat so all bolts have nuts finger tight attached.

To tighten the truck bolts use the 8mm Spanners & hold the Truck nut with one spanner & tighten the M5 Bolts evenly with the other. When everything is evenly tight go round all of the nuts & bolts & Turn them all tight so you dont get any loose wobbles... 

To fit the bindings, push the Countersunk bolts from the underside of the deck and place the Ladderstap L-Brackets into the outside position on the deck. Slip the Washers over the top of the L-Bracket & then finger tigthen the M6 nuts onto the bolts. Then place footstraps on top of the inner countersunk bolts and repeat finger fixing. Use the 4mm Allen Key and hold the bolt steady from the underside, using the 10mm spanner tighten the M6 nut down onto the L-Bracket...  Always ensure all the Nuts & Bolts are nice & tight all the way around your board before you ride!

In this kit you get :

Weight: 118g
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