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16cm (small) Ladder for Heel strap

16cm (small) Ladder for Heel strap
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Trampa Heelstraps are the best heelstraps available for any rider who wants to keep their feet locked in place whilst riding.

The ladder straps come in three different sizes to fit any size foot. This is our smallest size and suitable for kids, teenagers and riders with smaller feet.

If you ride a lot the teeth on your Ladder Straps will wear over time and it's always handy to have a spare as a back up replacement when you need one.




16cm (small) Ladder for Heel strap
Available in 3 different lengths to allow the heel straps to fit any size foot.
This is the smallest ladder strap in the 3 pairs that come with the full heel strap set.
These straps have been taken from a top quality snow board binding manufacturer,
& are made from a flexible glass and plastic combination.
The teeth on the ladder straps will wear with use & eventually need replacing.
These straps are a factory standard size & are therefore compatible with most other snowboard companies & of course with all Trampa ratchet and camlock buckles products.
Weight: 8g
Quantity required:
The total number of this part in stock is 1564
RRP £2 - each

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