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VESC STR-500 100V 500A

VESC STR-500 100V 500A VESC STR-500 100V 500A VESC STR-500 100V 500A VESC STR-500 100V 500A VESC STR-500 100V 500A VESC STR-500 100V 500A VESC STR-500 100V 500A STR-500 PCB Power Stage for VESC 100V 500A STR-500 PCB IO BOARD for VESC 100V 500A STR-500 Extruded Housing Anodised RED VESC 100V 500A STR-500 PCB Cover

M3 x 10mm TORX Countersunk Head Bolt Marine Grade Stainless Steel

Made from A4 Marine Grade Stainless Steel, all of the nuts, bolts & screws used in a TRAMPA board have proven to be up to the challenge of holding everything together. Using Marine Grade Stainless Steel also means these Bolts will never rust on you! They can cope with the harshest of weather conditions & will laugh in the face of sandy/salty beaches or muddy freeride tracks - which can turn other manufacturers’ nuts & bolts into corroded rusting wrecks!

Wherever possible, we dip all our bolts into BLUE THREAD LOCKING PASTE, to ensure an extra strong & secure fix between the nuts & bolts.

The head of this Bolt is COUNTERSUNK, meaning that when screwed into position it sits flush & neat with the surface its screwed into. Preventing bolts from standing proud eliminates the chance of anything getting "snagged or hung-up" should it get caught on something..

Used For;


TRAMPA is thrilled to unveil the ground breaking VESC STR-500,  the first of its kind  3 in 1 Vehicle Controller!

With all the features you could imagine its easily capable of up to 22S & 500 Batt/Phase Amps CONTINUOUS!!

It defines a new standard in the market. Prepare to be amazed as we introduce you to the revolutionary future of vehicle control!

Technical Data Sheet

- Voltage: 24V – 92V (Safe for 6S to 22S LiPo). Optimal performance at 20S LiIon
- Voltage spikes may not exceed 100V
- 500A Continuous 680A peak - Values depend on temperature, switching frequency & cooling of the device!
- 1x 5V 0,5A output for external electronics
- 1x switchable 5V 3A output for external electronics
- 5x switchable and variable 6-24V (15A combined)
- 1x static output, variable 6-24V
- 3.3V 0,5A output for external electronics
- 9 axis IMU
- Modes: DC, BLDC, FOC (sinusoidal)
- Supported sensors: ABI, HALL, AS5047, SIN/COS and other encoders


The STR-500 is not just any motor controller; it is the gateway to the future of vehicle control. With an impressive 40+KW power capacity (680A peak!), running the latest FOC code base from the renowned Benjamin Vedder, this controller stands in a league of its own. It comes equipped with pretty much everything you could ever need, a variable MCU controlled DC-DC converter (6-24V, 15A) to allow you to be able to plug in & power your onboard electronics, as well as a fully equipped IO-board plus a VESC-Express module featuring  permanent logging & GPS-reception with high-speed wireless connectivity are all built in & integrated onto the device. Therefore, the STR-500 is the very first device deserving the title of "Vehicle Controller."

The STR-500 project took shape during the pandemic. Our goal was clear - to achieve 500-600A output power while implementing 100V rated Mosfets. Unlike other brands, we refuse to resort to over-advertisement, referring to Phase Amps that can only be used for short bursts of high currents at low RPMs/speed. Instead, we prioritize delivering continuous power throughout the full RPM range that you can reliably depend on. To achieve this, we utilized four parallel Mosfets, each with a 1.1mOhm resistance, on a 6 Layer PCB with 3Oz of copper on all layer. This design ensures very efficient & short current paths to the output terminals, resulting in a very low overall total resistance. Moreover, we integrated 12 shunts & 12 shunt amplifiers, enabling precise current measurements & compensation for minor variations in current flow along the current paths. The STR-500 power stage is equipped with top-notch electrolytic capacitors, rated for 10,000 hours & having a very low ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance). In addition to these, we've integrated 40 high-frequency ceramic capacitors placed strategically next to each Mosfet. This distinct feature sets the STR-500 apart from other designs suffering from improper capacitor placement or inadequate numbers of capacitors, which often lead to excessive noise and consequently subpar motor control.

The power stage of the STR-500 is coupled with a cutting-edge STM32F405 driven logic stage, incorporating individual high-quality gate drivers to enable high-frequency switching. Unlike many competitors who compromise by opting for cheaper gate drivers pushed to their limits, our approach ensures a superior switching frequency, reaching far beyond the typical 20Khz limitation found in such designs. Up to 35Khz switching is very doable! We refuse to settle for anything less than unleashing the full capability of the drive system. Completing the exceptional performance of the STR-500, the logic stage is enriched with a 9-axis IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) capable of motion, G-Shock & 3D orientation tracking.

The DC to DC Power Converter: Anticipating the needs of various vehicles, we integrated a versatile STM microprocessor controlled DC to DC converter with variable output voltage (6-24V), current control & very effective fast acting short circuit protection. Capable of delivering up to 15A of current, this converter provides stable power to your essential components such as headlights, tail lights, indicators, displays, USB charge port & much more. Its design allows for easy replacement in case of any issues, ensuring a hassle-free experience for your next project. 100A spikes when switching on a H7 head light - no problem!

The Input-Output Board: Complementing the DC to DC converter, the STR-500 comes with an integrated IO-Board boasting a range of functionalities, including five switchable outputs for 6-24V, one static output for 6-24V, a switchable 5V, 3A output, a static 5V output, 8 protected ADCs, GPIOs, 2x UART, CAN, PWM, SPI, I²C, & USB and to top it all off, we've added the popular VESC-Express module for seamless permanent logging to an SD-Card & of course GPS antenna connectivity, high-speed wireless connections via Wi-Fi & BLE for fast logging data transfer!!! WoW!

Extruded Anodised Housing & optional integrated Heat Sinks: The STR-500 has a custom made extruded then precision CNC'd aluminuim housing with a nice hard anodization surface treatment. Acting as a heat sink, whilst preventing water ingress, it protects against corrosion of the wire connections giving long life expectancy. With its unique cable protrusion systems on both ends, you can effortlessly feed any cable into the housing, no matter how bulky the connector on the cable ends. This setup creates a certified IP 66 seal against the elements, securing all connections safely inside the controller. To maintain pressure balance & to prevent the ingress of water over time (suction effects), we've added a properly sized pressure equalization valve. The housing is easily attachable to a larger heat sink, fitting perfectly into the frame of a Surron or Talaria Electric Motor bike & were already pleased to announce with a water-cooled heat sink option coming soon.

Setup Made Easy: Through TRAMPA & VESC we will develop VESC-Packages, taking care of all the hard work for you. Just like apps on your smartphone, VESC-Packages will run seamlessly on the STR-500, offering a Plug-n-Play integration with your Surron or Talaria bike. These tailor-made software packages include motor settings, IO settings & app settings, ensuring a smooth & customized experience. For added convenience, a dedicated cable harness for your bike, boat, kart, trike, what ever your application will soon be available.

Get ready to revolutionize your vehicle control with the VESC STR-500 - the pinnacle of innovation in the world of electronic vehicle controllers. Don't miss the first chance to experience the future today!


- Current and voltage measurement on all 3 Phases
- App for Android and iOS + desktop environment VESC-Tool (MAC-OS, Windows, Linux, Android)
- Adjustable current filters
- built-in, SPI wired  IMU chip (accelerometer, gyro)
- Hibernation mode
- Auto power off (Hibernation) timer, adjustable
- Regenerative braking
- Traction control (single and twin setup)
- Sensor'd or sensor-less operation + hybrid mode
- full torque from zero RPM
- sensor-less control for most salient motors
- Configurable RPM-, current-, voltage- and power limits
- Input source: CAN, PPM, Analog, NRF, UART, SPI, I²C
- Communication ports: USB, CAN,UAVCAN,  2x UART, SPI, I²C
- Throttle curve and ramping for all input sources
- Separate throttle curves for acceleration and brakes
- Seamless 4-quadrant operation
- Motor revolution, amp hour, watt-hour counting
- Display of speed, power, duty cycle, amp flow, estimated range and battery status on App
- Accumulated data from arrays of VESC controllers
- Real time data analysis and read out via communication ports
- Real time data analysis and read out via VESC-Tool APP or VESC-Tool software
- Permanent logging onto SD-Card (Micro-SD)
- GPS antenna connectivity (order antenna separately)
- VESC-Express (Wifi, BLE)
- Microprocessor-controlled, DC-DC converter (6-24V, 15A) with short circuit protection
- IO-Board integrated
- Adjustable protection against:

          -    Low input voltage
          -    High input voltage
          -    High motor current
          -    High input current
          -    High regenerative braking current (separate limits for the motor and the input)
          -    High RPM (separate limits for each direction).
          -    Over temperature (MOSFET and motor)

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Customer Questions with Answers from Frank

QUESTION - Im looking at your str-500. how is the wiring handled inside? i have ultra bee with x9000 mount and wiring, so it should plug in and mount right up with your surron heatsink correct? thank you
ANSWER - There are screw terminals inside this unit. You will probably need to lengthen the original motor cables to reach to the terminals. Batt +- is M6 and phase wires is M8. We are looking into making some conversion cable kits for easy assembly soon. We are looking for local guys to donor their devices wo we can figure that out. The controller fits straight into the Suron frame if you order the heat sink with it. There are screw terminals inside this unit. You will probably need to lengthen the original motor cables to reach to the terminals. Batt +- is M6 and phase wires is M8. We are looking into making some conversion cable kits for easy assembly. 

QUESTION - I am interested in the new VESC STR-500.
1) Does it have 12 or 24 MOSFETs? Which FETs are you using?
2) In the description there are two different weights written for controller+heatsink. Which one is correct?
3) Is the max 35kHz limit regarding the real MOSFET switching frequency? So is 70kHz zero vector frequency (=35kHz switching frequency) possible?
4) What exactly do you mean with 680A max? Peak DC current for xx seconds? Peak phase current for xx seconds?
ANSWER - you can adjust the zero vector frequency in VESC tool to 35 Khz. The limitation is due to the load on the STM processor, not the gate drivers. The weight is roughly 1,65KG & the heat sink for the Surron adds another 690g. Mosftest are from Hymexa with 1.1mOhm. There are 24 Fets in this unit...

With this VESC you get the following items
1x STR-500 PCB Power Stage for VESC 100V 500A
1x STR-500 PCB IO BOARD for VESC 100V 500A
1x STR-500 Extruded Housing Anodised RED VESC 100V 500A
1x STR-500 PCB Cover
STR-500 Box Length 236mm
STR-500 Box Width 108mm
STR-500 Box Height 62mm
STR-500 Weight: 1500g
STR-500 Box Length 267mm
STR-500 Box Width 122mm
STR-500 Box Height 73mm 
Weight: 2190g 
Weight: 1,641g

Through huge demand we have run out of stock of the STR-500
If you purchase today you will be making an 


Delivery is due sometime in Auguast 2024
£95 Discount for all advanced orders
 placed before 31st July 2024

Are you are happy to wait for the delivery of the Advanced order?
Are you are happy to wait for the delivery of the Advanced order?

YES - I can accept the wait on the VESC STR-500 - Please send it to me as soon as you can. (-£95)

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