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VESC 75V 300A - 16s


Introducing the amazing VESC® 75/300 Speed Controller.
75/300 controller is the 7th & very latest edition of speed controllers designed by Benjamin Vedder.

TRAMPA BOARDS LTD has teamed up with the internationally renowned 'YODA of electronics' (Benjamin Vedder) to bring to the world the most advance electronic speed controller ever to be produced! Benjamin's family name is Vedder & the V in the name VESC represents this. VEDDERs Electronic Speed Controller! There have been many ESC's before, but now the VESC motor controller officially exists. Benjamin is globally renowned for his incredible electronics and software skills. He has worked tirelessly for well over 7 years fine tuning preceding versions of the globally famous & Trade Marked VESC products & now after teaming up with TRAMPA BOARDS Ltd the development of the VESC SIX and VESC 75/300 controllers has been taken to it highest capability yet. The testing has been completed, with stunning results to boast about & to help us identify any technical and production problems.

The VESC 75/300 controller is being configured with the brand new Open Source, GPL V3 licensed VESC®-Tool Software:
The Open source, GPL V3 licensed VESC Firmwares will come pre-installed on the device, allowing us to do extra testing of the device, prior to shipping.
This is the GPL V3 license contract for your reference showing here on the Vesc-Project website 

The VESC75/300 is the most powerful & impressive Electric Speed Controller Benjamin has ever envisioned! It is arguably by far the best general purpose Electronic Speed Controller the world has ever seen so far!! Hydrofoils, crazy E Boarding, performance E-Biking, Remote control of all kinds including Autonomous Vehicles & Robotics and Camera equipemnt (as well as thousands of industrial, scientific & recreational applications) are all about to be revolutionized by using the VESC series of products that will all come to the market soon...

Using the VESC 75/300 in your product  (regardless what it is) will allow you to add any battery delivering up to 75V of max peak voltage (e.g.16S Lithium + voltage spikes). This is the perfect limit to give you incredible performance from your battery driven electric motors. Using the new VESC TOOL Original (which you will get access to once you have made your purchase) or the VESC-App for Android, you will be able to fine tune your performances relevant to your application, while you will see all the real time data that the VESC computes and outputs. Speed, RPM, current consumtion, duty cycle,  battery capacity and state of charge, Wh consumtion and WH regen, estimated range, realtime data graph plotting etc.  Beautiful! All you need is a Bluetooth module to interchange  the data with your phone, computer or tablet. Even firmware updates and configuration can be done wirless now. 

The 75/300 controller features the following ports and outputs:

- Sensor port for motor sensors (ABI, HALL, magnetic precission encoders)
- CAN Port for CAN communication with other devices and VESC arrays.
- PPM port to connect PPM tranccievers
- COMM port for various kinds of other communication methods like I2C, ADC, Uart. You can use your Arduino or RaspberryPi to control the VESC!
- SWD port to get direct access to the Chipset. Diagnostics, debugging, and real time data.
- SWD port for internal NRF upgrade (landing pad is pat of the PCB)
- AUX port to supply 12V and 5V to external devices.

The TRAMPA 75/300 VESC controller comes fitted as standard with TRAMPA's very own & very special Silicone Coated & TRAMPA logo'd cables which are made up of 1036 Strands of Highly Flexible Top quality Copper. These quality details ensure the maximum performance at all times. Attached To the premium copper cables are three genuine Amass XT90 connectors on the battery side allowing you to push up to 300 battery Amps. Using multiple high quality silicone cables on the motor side ensures your power flows to the max. Thicker cables would be hard to bend and would consume more space than necessairy, while multiple smaller cables can be routed with ease to your phase wire connection point while keeping the housing as small as humanly possible.

The VESC 75/300 controller is installed with a custom Internal Silicone Part & is neatly fitted into the Heat Sink which is a Solid Block of CNC'd  T6 Aluminum which is used for dispensing the heat, offering maximum protection, allowing easy fitting and maximum good looks!The CNC'd 6061T6 Heat sink Box dissipates the excess heat that can be encountered when operating in flat out instances, thus keeping the Unit at a cool operating temperature whilst the CNC housing allows you to attach it to pretty much to anything for easy mounting and even more heat dissipatipn.

The performance of the 75/300, compared to preceding VESC controller models, is light years ahead! This is demonstrated in the cost, as cheap non effective copies are sold according to their price not their quality. If you want the best performance then stick to the original hardware source - it will save you a lot of money on the long run.

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