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Trampa Boards Ltd has invested many thousands of English pounds in designing, developing and engineering what we think is now the perfect version of the Spring Truck steering system, and we are very proud to introduce to you the INFINITY the VERTIGO and the ULTIMATE truck systems.

The INFINITY truck, as its name suggests, is designed to last for forever. Its high quality material content and totally solid structures makes it just about bomb proof for all shapes and sizes of riders of all abilities and in all applications of off road boarding.

The VERTIGO truck, made using the same high quality material content as the INFINITY truck, is a slimmed down and pimped out, lighter weight version of the INFINITY. Using strength analyzing computer programs to calculate our measurements we use precision CNC machines to mill out all the excess material from the solid components, leaving us with a two toned masterpiece of engineering accompanied with hardened steel hollow 12mm axles. Weighing 150 grams lighter per truck than the INFINITY Therefore the VerTigo truck is the pro version of the INFINITY truck.


The VerTigo base plate, weighing in at only 125g has been extruded for strength, punched for lightness, polished and anodised for appearance and finally CNC'd for precision and two tone pimpness!! Meanwille the Vertigo hanger has been forged for strength, bead polished and annodised for appearance, then fitted with an variety of axles from 10mm TITANIUM to 12mm hollw steel (you get to choose in the custom truck options) and finally CNC'd for lightness / precision and pure pimped out appearance lushness!  Together they make what we consider to be the most perfect steering systems available. The Infinity Truck system has been designed in exactly the same way as the Vartigo except it has not been CNC'd lite. This makes it even stronger than the Vertigo, giving heavier riders total confidence in their kit.

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