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Dupont Plastic Spoke support Spacer for the Superstar & Megastar hubs

Dupont Plastic Spoke support Spacer for the Superstar & Megastar hubs

The internal nylon spoke support spacer is used to support the spokes of the Superstar hubs and house the Trampa Bearings within the hub.

Precision made from re-enforced plastic they provide essential support for bearings in the Superstar hubs with a deep shelf and thick plastic that ensures a tight fix and fast bearing spin rate.

They fit between the Spokes of the Superstar hubs which must be removed to fit the spacer.

Ensure your nuts and bolts are tight before riding


This is the TRAMPA SUPERSTAR Spoke Support Spacer. It is used to gain extra strength for the SUPERSTAR wheel design by adding support to the Aluminum Spokes when the wheel is being used under high inflated pressures...

Precision injection moulded, using original DuPont materials, this Spacer provides essential support for the Spokes in the Superstar hubs. There is a Deep Shelf on the Rim of the Spacer which pushes into the internal side of the Spoke, positioning the Spacer/spoke perfectly for assembly. The thick plastic ensures a very strong support platform maximising Bearing support & spin rate always....

Ensure all your nuts & bolts are tight before riding!!

Weight: 5g
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