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Muck off bag

Muck off bag



After a good days riding, try to keep your possessions clean by slipping your dirty TRAMPA board into the purpose made MUCK OFF BAG. Press the button & pull the drawstring to close the bag around the board, it will lock closed, keeping the muck in but off your possessions!

Once your board is in the MUCK OFF BAG you can confidently put it into your LUXURY BAG or in the back of your car without the hassle of getting muck over everything! The MUCK OFF BAG is fitted with an adjustable shoulder strap & "easy grab" carry handles making carrying it down the beach or chucking in the back of your car real easy to do.

The MUCK OFF BAG is presented to you packed in a TRAMPA logo'd, Velco sealed, "Stash Bag". The Stash Bag is the perfect place to store your boarding goodies such as Tools or tubes, & the MUCK OFF BAG is available at a discounted price when purchased with a complete deck.

Muck Off Bag
Weight: 140g
Quantity required:
The total number of this part in stock is 162
RRP £20 - each

Excluding VAT

Approx price :
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