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M5 x 25mm Truck bolt kit - Regular

M5 x 25mm Truck bolt kit - Regular
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Trampa use only the finest A4 Marine Grade stainless steel in all of their hardware which means your Trampa can be used and handle the harshest of environments... Use an 8mm ring Spanner and an 8mm socket drive to tighten your nuts onto bolts. All Trampa Bolts are dipped in Blue "locking paste" whilst all nuts have the famous "Nylock" locking system to ensure the most secure of fixes possible. The shanked bolt reduces vibration abration from rough terrain riding giving extra durability to the deck.   Using A4 marine grade Stainless steel to provide the finest quality nuts and bolts, this 8 piece set consists of  M5 x 25mm spanner headed Shanked bolts with Blue locking paste, 5mm nylock nuts and 5mm form B washers. Perfect for the Trampa deck and an important upgrade when converting your trucks over to a new Trampa deck. The Bolts have a 9mm shank (smooth side, no thread) which means the section of the bolt which passes through the Trampa deck has smooth sides. This eliminates any chance of abrasion or wearing from the thread of the bolt on the internals of the deck, giving extra life to the deck.... The ply of the deck will determine the length of the bolt required as a 12ply Trampa deck is much thiner than a 17ply. Trampa's stainless bolt range ensures a durable, strong and the perfectly neat finish to your deck.

M5 x 25mm Truck Bolt kit - This kit Fixes the Trucks to all regular Decks
This Marine Grade stainless steel kit includes the following items -
8 x (M5 x 25mm) Hexagon headed Shanked Bolt
8 x M5 Nylock Nut
8 x M5 Form B Double thickness Washer
These special bolts have been 'Shanked'. Shanked means smooth sided, no thread has been cut into part of it. The smooth side prevents vibration abrasion which can develop over time if a regular/fully threaded bolt is used. Preventing the abrasion avoids 'over-sizing' your truck mounting holes, eliminating 'wiggle' (very small movement when bolted to deck) that can ultimately lead into 'speed Wobble' when riding at speed.
All Trampa bolts are dipped in Blue locking paste whilst all of the nuts have been fitted with the world renowned 'Nylock' locking system to ensure the most secure fix possible. Use 2 x 8mm ring spanners to tighten the M5 Nut onto the Bolt.
Ensure all your Nuts & Bolts are nice & tight before you ride!
Weight: 25g
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RRP £2.50 - per set

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