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CLASSIC MONSTER Box MkV Complete Panel Kit with internal chamber for TWIN VESC & Inspection pit for Balance cables

CLASSIC MONSTER Box MkV Complete Panel Kit with internal chamber for TWIN VESC & Inspection pit for Balance cables & XT60 Charge Cable
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And what are the full dimensions of your electric skateboard enclosures? It only says the length (20cm to 70cm), but I don't see anything else about width or depth, unless I missed it(which is possible).

in regard to the underboard battery enclosures, they are very much in development, although they are already proving to be very popular as they are very versatile, they can be cut to what ever length you want, the depth is approx 25mm & i agree with you it would be very useful of we could show some schematics regarding the dimensions of the battery box enclosures and fitting dimensions.

Its possible to cut slits into the under board battery box and bend it around the radius of the deck, the slits  allow the flex in the deck to continue performing whilst so long as you take as long a battery enclosure and put as many batteries in there as possible will take you for a either a very very long way or a short distnace very very fast!! :-)

TRAMPA's amazing MONSTER BOX will quite literally change your life! It is designed to secure enough batteries to give the MAX power performance to your TWIN MOTOR Mountainboards. The MONSTER BOX is positioned between your legs in the center of the board! It is made from 2mm & 4mm thick 3k Twill Carbon Fiber panels & has been CNC precision machined as well as being internally 2.1mm CNC grooved to allow the 2mm side panels to interconnect perfectly giving a very tight connection into the thicker 4mm base & lid giving us the claim of certainly heavy Splash Proof!

Using M6 Countersunk Bolts for neatness the MONSTER BOX secures directly to the centre of the deck. Premium Quality Rubber membranes are fitted into oval shaped pre-cut holes which are located all around the box, making the MONSTER BOX pretty much as close to Water proof, whilst as easy/convenient to wire up as you can possibly get...! GENIUS!

TRAMPA's amazing 12s MONSTER Box will easily fit 4 x 6s Zippy compact batteries which when harnessed together makes TWIN 12s MONSTER!! 

2x (2x 6s batteries looped together (4x 6s Batteies total)) makes TWIN 12s. The power is passed through XT90s Anti Spark Connectors (in case anything goes worng) directly into the TWIN VESC's. To confirm, you need 1x V6 VESC speed controller for each motor. TWIN 12s Power is usually more power than most riders can handle but the MONSTER BOX is also plenty big enough to house even bigger batteries, up to 80x 18650 cells which is MASSIVE!!  Using regular cell spacers to make custom made batteries you can gain options such as 12s6P, 11s7P or 10s8P - OMG AMAZING!!! 

TWIN motor decks do not give you higher top end speed, the top speed is usually limited by the battery used & the gearing applied, but most importantly TWIN Motor decks will give you a lot more grip, especially when riding off road in loose dirt or up steep hills! TWIN Motor Decks give you more than double the grip & you will accelerate considerably faster than single motor board.

Assemblying the MONSTER BOX is highly pleasurable, it connects together like Mechano dream, but mostly its a very exciting time anticipating the sensation of all the power you are about to unleash, its not called the MONSTER BOX for no reason ya know!! lol! Stainless steel Countersunk bolts connect into both the Base & the Lid of the box, screwing neatly & tightly into threaded HEX spacers... As the lid is tightened down, you get a sastisfying click as the panels lock together, giving you the confidence that everything has dropped into place perfectly as the panels slips into the groove & the gaps are no longer visable! Awesome bit of kit!

Battery Box Width - 175m
Battery Box Length - 220mm
Box Height - 74mm

Weight: 987g
Quantity required:
The total number of this part in stock is 45
RRP £175 - for the complete set

Excluding VAT

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