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BIGGEST BEAST Box Panels with LED Screen & NRF Housing to fit 2x VESC6 MkV or 1x HD-60Twin with a 12s 16000 mAh cell packs!!

BIGGEST BEAST Box Panels with LED Screen & NRF Housing to fit 2x VESC6 MkV or 1x HD-60Twin with a 12s 16000 mAh cell packs!!
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And what are the full dimensions of your electric skateboard enclosures? It only says the length (20cm to 70cm), but I don't see anything else about width or depth, unless I missed it(which is possible).

in regard to the underboard battery enclosures, they are very much in development, although they are already proving to be very popular as they are very versatile, they can be cut to what ever length you want, the depth is approx 25mm & i agree with you it would be very useful of we could show some schematics regarding the dimensions of the battery box enclosures and fitting dimensions.

Its possible to cut slits into the under board battery box and bend it around the radius of the deck, the slits  allow the flex in the deck to continue performing whilst so long as you take as long a battery enclosure and put as many batteries in there as possible will take you for a either a very very long way or a short distnace very very fast!! :-)

TRAMPA’s Beast Boxes come in three different sizes;

STANDARD - fitting up to 6200mAH Batteries

BIGGER - fitting up to 12,000mAH Batteries

BIGGEST - fitting up to 16,000mAH Batteries.

Boards with single motors could go for any of the Beast Boxes - dependant on the desired range / weight of the finished board.

Boards with TWIN Motors will need to go for the BIGGEST BOX, in order to accommodate room for the extra VESC that needs to sit inside.

Able to fit onto any TRAMPA board with Spring Trucks, BEAST BOXES made from 2mm thick 3k Twill Carbon Fiber & are precision CNC machined & internally grooved to give perfectly fitted joins, making the Beast Box pretty much water proof. Heat shrinking your joins & adding a touch of silicon at the end of the assembly will for sure seal the box to be tight from water!

The beast box comes with a top mounted LCD Battery Indicator, so guessing range is no longer an issue!

Assembling the box has been described as “fiddly but fun”. It’s a tight fit when using the biggest batteries for each box, so keep that in mind while assembling. The less room the batteries have to bounce around inside the box the better - especially over rougher terrain!

Stainless steel Countersunk bolts harmoniously connect into both the base & the lid of the box, screwing neatly & tightly into HEX spacers... as the lid is tightened down, you'll get a satisfying click of confidence that everything has dropped into place perfectly, as the panels slips into the groove and the gaps are no longer visible!

Battery Box Width - 110m
Battery Box Length - 200mm
Everything fits Internally!


Weight: 600g
Quantity required:
The total number of this part in stock is 20
RRP £125 - for the complete set

Excluding VAT

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