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The TRAMPA VERTIGO BASEPLATE is a light weight version of the original INFINITY Baseplate. Weighing only 128g each they are 25% lighter than the INFINITY Baseplate, but compared weight to strength the VERTIGO BASEPLATES are the lightest / strongest in the TRAMPA range! The VERTIGO range of products are designed for advancing riders, demanding low weight & high performance from their equipment. Tried & tested by the TRAMPA Lab-Rats (i Mean Team riders), the VERTIGO Baseplates will not fail you.

In order to make our Baseplates so strong we use Aircraft grade (6061) Aluminum & hydraulically extrude it through a Die. It comes out the other side as one long piece, in the profile of our re-enforced Baseplate. Extruding Aluminum ensures consistent strength throughout the profile. Once Extruded the Profile is then T6 Heat Treated. T6 Heat Treating Extruded Aluminum fuses the molecules of the metal together even tighter, making it stronger than before, enabling the VERTIGO Baseplate to easily cope with the extreme stresses of Off Road Riding without the fear of problems & whilst looking extremely stylish! ;-)

Once its Heat Treated, the extruded profile is then sliced into the Baseplate shape. The Truck mounting holes are punched into their position & the Baseplate is then sent away to be "Bead" polished & prepared for the colour coordinating Powder Coating process & logo to be added. Once the Powder Coating has dried the Baseplate is sent to the CNC factory. The high precision machine accurately mills out the excess material of the body, reducing weight & leaving a pimped out two tone appearance behind. The CNC Machine is also used to accurately mill out the Kingpin holes in order to give the precision required for constructing the complete Truck.

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