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After Work Club

Just because its time to clock off – doesn’t mean its time to slack off!

Get yourself to TRAMPA HQ for the After Work Club, a weekly gathering & group ride around our favourite riding routes & pubs. There’s no better way to let the rush hour traffic die down!

Head the HQ between 4-5pm for some laughs, pre-ride maintenance & VESC tuning with the TRAMPA Crew (& occassional Pro Rider), ready to hit the streets at 5.

Enjoy Nottingham’s finest nature trails, cycle paths, pump tracks & riding spots with the people who know them best! Whether it's an intense route tackling steep inclines, or relaxing cruises alongside the river Trent, with the power of a TRAMPA strapped to your feet, there’s not a spot in Nottingham the AWC won’t hit!

Youtuber Jay Boston joined the crew on one-of-many immense routes round Nottingham – See what to expect:

All boards/brands are welcome – although all-terrain boards are strongly recommended, we don’t want to be limited to tarmac! You can TEST A BOARD during the After Work Club, email for more details & to pre-arrange.   

The cost to join the After Work Club is £20 per rider. This price includes expertise guidance, assistance & advice, as well as a TRAMPA Tee-shirt & a refreshing (well deserved) pint after the ride!

More details can be found on the Event's Facebook Page.

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