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HYPA with 7 Inch Tyres


TRAMPA's 6 Spoke HYPA Wheel is the lightest & strongest plastic injected 7 & 8 inch Hub / Wheel on the market today! Its produced using original DuPont ingredients & the very latest in Hi-Tech Injection Moulding machinery. No quality expense is spared during the production of this amazingly strong little hub!

170x45mm (7 Inch) wheels are the perfect size wheel for many fun applications including Mountainboarding, Kiteboarding, Dirt-Scooters, Buggies, Bikes, Skates, Sledges, Model Planes, Dog Sledding, Transportation Chariots aswell as many other not so much fun industrial applications that TRAMPA is currently involved in. If you have a project you would like the HYPA wheels to fit to, using a 12mm axle you will need to give 34.2mm of space on the axle of in order to fit the HYPA hub onto a 12mm axle.

During testing, the HYPA Wheels performance surpassed all expectations. This little 7 inch wheel is so strong that the "Crash Test Dummies" (i mean the Team Riders), often inflated their tyres well beyond factory recommendations, resulting in substantially faster roll speeds & im pleased to announce, there were no explosions to report...! :-)

HYPA Hubs are available in loads of co-ordinating colour combinations its difficult to make the decision as to which option you like the most! You can choose from naked Matt Black To Deep Gloss Red with Painted Black or White Logo's or Printed in Winter Camo, the choice is all yours...

TRAMPA's HYPA hubs are held together using Marine Grade (A4) Stainless steel Nuts & Bolts that will never rust on you. Our bolts are perfect for bad conditions. Not only will the nuts & Bolts never rust on you all the Bolts used by TRAMPA have been dipped in a special Blue Locking Paste, whilst all the Nuts that TRAMPA uses are fitted with the world renowned Nyloc nylon nut locking system, all of these no expense spared small details ensure you get the absolute best product possible! To help prevent you from purchasing imitations, TRAMPA's HYPA Hubs are always TRAMPA embossed between the spokes proving our top quality! 

Your tyre requirements will be defined by the surface you are riding on, however you will be pleased to read that all of the HYPA Hubs will fit into any of the 7 inch Tyres or 8 Inch Tyres on the TRAMPA website. They are also compatible with all known 8 Inch Tyres currently on the market, including any other brand.

TRAMPA’s very own & genuine ABEC 5 rated Bearings, push perfectly into the bearing housing in the centre of the HYPA Hub guaranteeing the smoothest spin rate possible. TRAMPA Bearings will fit onto 9.525mm, 10mm & 12mm Axles (9.525mm = USA Imperial measurement 3/8ths of an Inch or AKA 10mm Bearings). Using Bearing Reducer Sleevees, you can downsize your 12mm Bearings to fit onto 10mm 'Metric Scooter Axles' or 9.525mm (3/8ths of an inch) Imperial Skate Axles'. Bearings can be supplied at 50% of the usual retail price when purchased with a wheel... 2x Bearings cost just £2.50 per pair (usually £2.50 each), resulting in a £10 saving per set of 8x bearings, 8 bearings are enough for a set of 4 wheels!

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