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350mm long x 15mm wide High Torque Drive (HTD) 5M (5mm Tooth Space) High Power (HP) STRONGBELT for Gummie CARVER using the URBAN motor Mount Panel

350mm long x 15mm wide High Torque Drive (HTD) 5M (5mm Tooth Space)  High Power (HP)  STRONGBELT for Gummie CARVER using the URBAN motor Mount Panel

This is a 350mm long x 15mm wide High Torque Drive (HTD) Re-enforced Rubber Belt, which has 5mm Tooth Spacing (5M). It is a High Power rated (HP) TRANSMISSON BELT made by the world famous German Brand called STRONGBELT. This one is used to transfer the power from the Motor & Motor Pulley into power at the rear wheels of a TRAMPA Electric Street Carver

TRAMPA opted to set a new standard in E-Skating, becoming the first in the world to fit to all of the E-Boards in its range, a 15mm wide TRANSMISSON BELT as standard! Our standard 15mm belt is almost double the width of nearly all other E-Sk8's out there, they tend to use a flimsy off the shelf 8/9mm transmission belts which can be prone to stretch, slip & ultimately snap. 

Using a re-enforced 15mm wide High Power Belt reduces stretch, eliminates slip & as a consequence provides a constantly smooth whilst incredibly intuitive power delivery direct to the rear Drive Wheels of your board. When accelerating or engine breaking (KERS), even from a standing start the STRONGBELT power is smooth & does not slip, or strain the motor, it does a damn gooood job!.....

STRONGBELT, as their name suggests, is a heavy industry brand that usually supplies the likes of Train manufacturers, where serious levels of quality with no excuses on failure are expected from the product as standard, as failure for such an item is serious as the consequences may result in death! STRONGBELT weave KEVLAR into their Pulley Belts, Kevlar is one of the strongest fibers known to man, its often added into materials to gain extra strength.... STRONGBELT have the best reputation in the Power Transmission Industry. These extra quality details in the production of our electronic motor drives, provides the maximum responsiveness achievable whilst maintaining a super smooth power delivery to the rider at all times. 

HTD - High Torque Drive
Belt Width - 15mm
Belt Length - 350mm
Belt Tooth Height - 5mm
Using this 350mm Belt & the Urban Carve Motor Mount Panel you are able to connect the 5 Inch Gummies Wheel connected to the 44 Tooth Pulley to the Carve Deck when the Hangers of the Trucks are facing forwards in the URBAN position.
Using the same URBAN Carve Motor Mount & 350mm Strongbelt as described for the GUMMIES Tyres above, you are also able to fit the 90mm STICKIES Longboard wheels... by loosening the Motor fixing Bolts & sliding the motor backwards you are able to take up the slack in the belt allowing you to choose what wheels you run on any given day and swap them out with absolute easy....
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