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Custom mountain boards, kiteboards and parts

TRAMPA BOARDS Ltd established itself in 2002. Using the latest composite technology TRAMPA became the first in the world to produce a "Rider Weight Specific Deck". The performance of the deck is tuned to the dimensions & requirements of the rider. The decks are amazing! They can be made to be either Mega Flexi or Super Stiff. Regardless of which model you choose a TRAMPA deck will NEVER BREAK! 100% Guarantee!!

By investing lots of considered time into many technical drawings we have made our very own top quality superior moulds. Demanding only the finest of materials are to be used in all production instances & not scrimping or saving on esthetic matters or material surface finishes, the TRAMPA products have an amazing preceding reputation for producing the best quality products with performance that easily outperforms all & any competition that is currently on the market... TRAMPA only makes Top Quality!

Everything TRAMPA produces is assembled by hand in Nottinghamshire, England. Custom assemblying the products to the exact performance requirements of the customer will inevitably give huge performance benefits & a more natural 'At one with your board' feel to your ride, much more so than any 'off the shelf' alternative.... TRAMPA Decks will fit any brand of Truck or foot Binding & are commonly purchased to replace non-responsive wooden decks as an upgrade. we say 'Woods no good! so don't be a plank & ride a TRAMPA!' lol :-)

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