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Custom mountain boards, kiteboards and parts

TRAMPA BOARDS Ltd is a British mountainboard manufacturer based in Nottingham, England. Founded by Ted Orr in 2002 in response to a growing need for quality mountainboards, longboards, carve boards, & their associated parts.

With the electric revolution & 20 years of design innovation, TRAMPA BOARDS has gone on to become a leader in bespoke & premium E-board production. Through commitment to the mountain / street boarding scenes, we now produce the highest quality decks, trucks, hubs, tyres and electronics on the market! Our VESC speed controllers are renowned for being the very best in the world - with some of the most famous organisations on the planet utilising our tech. If you are looking for the very best in electric skateboard perfection then you have come to the right place.

TRAMPA BOARDS LTD produces is hand assembled in Nottinghamshire, England. We are a small team selling bespoke electric boards and superior parts. We are not an ‘off-the-shelf’ company using cheap materials and moulded kits - as such, much care is taken in the production of your items. Our products are made from the best materials possible & TRAMPA prides itself on the continuing improvements to the engineering and design we bring to our product range.

We are on hand for any advice you might need before purchasing your items.

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