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ULTIMATE URBAN Carveboard CNC LIGHT with 9.525mm TITANIUM axles or Kingpin on 6 or 7 Inch pneumatic HYPA Wheels - WHITE

ULTIMATE URBAN Carveboard CNC LIGHT with 9.525mm TITANIUM axles or Kingpin on 6 or 7 Inch pneumatic HYPA Wheels - WHITE 35° TRAMPA Carve Deck - Drilled, Edged, Fitted with JESSOP Grip tape & a Marine Grade Stainless Steel Countersunk Bolt kit 35° TRAMPA Carve Deck - Drilled, Edged, Fitted with JESSOP Grip tape & a Marine Grade Stainless Steel Countersunk Bolt kit 35° TRAMPA Carve Deck - Drilled, Edged, Fitted with JESSOP Grip tape & a Marine Grade Stainless Steel Countersunk Bolt kit Mini ULTIMATE TRAMPA TRUCKS - CNC FORGED Channel Hanger with 9.525mm TITANIUM Axle CNC Baseplate TITANIUM Kingpin - BLACK ULTIMATE URBAN Carveboard CNC LIGHT with 9.525mm TITANIUM axles or Kingpin on 6 or 7 Inch pneumatic HYPA Wheels - WHITE Matt WHITE Hypa hub & Custom 7 inch Tyre 12mm ATB Bearings with 9.525mm Bearing Reducer Sleeves for complete board
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By altering the number of layers of material that we add into the mould, we are are able to tune the final performance of the TRAMPA decks relevant to the riders weight height & ability. Please use the FLEXOMETER above as a guide to help you choose the right ply board for you. TRAMPA's FLEXOMETER information is to be interpreted as a 'GUIDE ONLY' as there is no fixed rule as to which is the exact right deck for you. The weight, height & ability of the rider will all help determine which is the right sort of deck for you, but of course the most important factor is personal preference as to how the rider wants their deck to feel.... Some riders like it flexi, some like it firm, some like it very very stiff.... It depends on what you are doing on your board, i.e. freestyle, freeride, boarder-cross, altho there is guidance there is no right & no wrong just personal preference but when purchasing a deck from TRAMPA we want to make sure you get it exactly the way you want it! so if your stuck as to which one is the best for you them please drop as a line...

Having a larger sized hub & fitted with up to 7 Inch Pneumatic Tyres, the URBAN CARVE Decks, are in my opinion the answer as to what board you should buy if your wanting a 1 board for all applications... The Pneumatic tyred Urban Carver is the all rounder! It is suitable for the City or Urban environment, it can easily roll over the cracks in the pavement & it bashes over curbs you would normally crash into! It bombs over little stones that regular longboard wheels so often get jammed up on, plus it will take you off road & down dirt tracks, up steep hills & survive in bad weather! More than anything the Urban Carve can be set up to be super loose for the most un-real carving or set Super tight for flat out top speed! The range of riding & the comfort of the URBAN Carve is like the board you have always dreamed of.... It is as far as im concerned the 1 everyone should have!!!

TRAMPA's awesome range of URBAN CARVER Decks are constructed using the finest quality materials we know of. Their performance is quite amazing & totally un-comparable to anything that's ever been created before! The entire TRAMPA Street Carve product range instantly looks & performs radically different to all Longboard.... Heads will turn i drooling jealousy as you carve passed open mouthed on-lookers.

Created to simulate the carving sensations that are commonly enjoyed when Surfing, Snowboarding or Wakeboarding the design of the URBAN Carver Deck is based around the original dimensions of a 35º TRAMPA Mountainboard Deck. The URBAN Carver Deck, like its originator, is available as SOLID or HOLYPRO & uses the same mould for its construction, so this means the 'Creases' are in the same position but the Deck is 're-shaped & drilled close to the Crease', making the resulting Street Carver Deck performance to be naturally stiffer & so by using less materials to create the same stiffness, its considerably lighter than the regular Mountainboard Deck & of course by altering the mounting positions giving enough space for lots of steering range & using its own unique shape generates a completely different performance characteristic to that of its originator...

Amazingly the Hanger in the Carve Truck is reversible...! The Axle is located in an offset position in the hanger, NOT Centrally located, so turning the hanger around during assembly changes all the dimensions, performance & applicational use of the Truck when fitted to the deck... This enables the Carve Truck to be able to assemble & fit to either Street or Urban Carve Decks & so when we assemble the Truck, depending on what we are assembling it for (Street or Urban) will depend on which way around we assemble the hanger. It also means you can purchase an additional set of wheels & convert your Street Carve Deck into Urban Carve Deck (or vice versa) very easily.
The hanger faces forwards (Same as mountainboard) for the URBAN Carve Deck assembly making the overall wheel base longer & the ride height as low as possible to accept the larger sized 7 inch HYPA or SUPERSTAR wheels that lift the deck height back up & by increasing the wheel base gives the extra space to fit the larger wheels at the ends, whilst setting the deck up for the Street Carve we turn the hanger 180º so it faces inwards (Axles to the inside) shortening the wheel base, raising the ride height to a more acceptable position to be able to accommodate the smaller sized 83 & 90mm Longboard wheels.

In order for the Urban Carver Deck to perform as its name suggests, the trimmed down 35º Deck needs to be fitted to a suitably sized steering system & so we created the MINI SPRING TRUCKS. Mini Spring Trucks are as their name suggests, smaller versions of the original ATB Spring Truck. The original Forged Alloy ATB Hanger body has been modified to a more suitable size to take a smaller length 9.525mm Axle which as it so happens to remain long enough to fit both sizes of  TRAMPA Longboard wheels (83 & 90mm Longboard wheels) & also both of the 7 inch HYPA & SUPERSTAR wheels! Amazing!

ATB Spring Trucks are time tested & proven as being the best steering system your money can buy. They sacrifice a little bit of extra weight over a regular Skate or Longboard style Truck but gain huge amounts of performance in return. Spring Trucks are far more robust, far more adjustable, far more tunable to your personal requirements, plus in our minds far more safer than regular Skate Trucks. Let me explain...

Skate Trucks use a vertically mounted kingpin to hold the Hanger and Baseplate together. They need a mounting angle of roughly 15º​ to create their steering. 15º​ is quite a flimsy angle, mounting the kingpin in such a way with not a lot of Urethane to support the assembly will not give a huge amount of control over your steering & 15º​ is not much of an angle to steer against... Imagine balancing a ruler on on your pencil at school and then tilting it side to side, everything will be a bit wobbly as there is no resistance to keep it in position. So a vertically mounted kingpin (like that of a Longboard truck) will always have its limitations in performance, in particular at high speed when speed wobble can become a major issue... Speed Wobble is not a pleasure to be endured & is something that is most likely to happen to any rider at some stage especially on skate style trucks...

Spring Trucks use a horizontally mounted Kingpin to hold the Baseplate & Hanger together. The kingpin positions completely differently when compared to a Skate Truck. Using a horizontally mounted kingpin means the Spring Trucks need to be mounted at 35º to make the steering happen. The movement between the Baseplate & the Hanger is the steering. The Horizontally mounted Kingpin is mounted in some high quality precision made Nylon Bushings that allow the metal parts to move easily without creating any wear on each other. This easy movement is soon controlled by inserting Spring Retainers into either end of the Springs & then Squeezing the spring assembly into the connecting positions inside the Hanger & Baseplate, which are when assembled now referred to as the Truck!

Pushing Springs into the the truck assembly either side of the horizontally mounted kingpin eliminates the easy movement by pre-loading tension into the Truck assembly. The pre-load tension in the springs can be Adjusted & tuned to your exact personal preferences or tuned on the fly by turning the Spring Adjuster, plus for even more performance the Springs can be positioned in 2 places... Locating the Springs into the inside position makes the steering feel super loose & easy to steer giving the ultimate sensation in fast carvy steering, however lock the springs into the outside position & fitting the TRAMPA DAMPA's into the springs, will make the steering feel super tight & perfect for setting the board up for sliding or achieving the highest speeds possible...

The Springs are locked into position using Marine grade Stainless Steel Countersunk Bolts (for flush fitting) inserting into the threaded Spring Retainers through the underside of the Hanger & with the use of the very special part made by TRAMPA the Marine grade Stainless Steel  Spring Adjuster, which Screws through the Top side of the Baseplate pre-compressing the Retainer in the Spring.

The entire Mini Spring Truck range is beautifully constructed from the finest materials, using the latest high tech machinery guaranteeing th highest quality possible is available in the complete INFINITY (Solid Steel Axles) VERTIGO (Hollow Steel Axle with CNC) & ULTIMATE (Titanium Axles with CNC) purchase options.

The Urban Carver can be pushed like any conventional Longboard but the deck comes into its own league when turning tightly on steep slope or when built in the addition of an electric motor. The Carving ability of the Street Carve enhances the switch back steering performance of that of a regular Longboard, giving the sensation like that of a surfer or on a huge wave...

35° Original 9-69 Carve Deck

Measuring just 850mm in length, TRAMPA’s CARVER DECK is the perfect balance between being small enough to take on a bus, while still feeling substantial & stable under your feet at speed.

With 35° tips, Carve Decks have the same flex & ‘pop’ as TRAMPA’s MTB decks, making them the perfect ‘urban-board’ choice for Mountainboarders. Working in conjunction with Mini Spring Trucks, the resulting Carveboards have been described as “a whole new riding experience”.

TRAMPA’s famous range of indestructible Decks are unlike anything else on the market. Tailored to a riders' weight, height & ability – TRAMPA DECKS give unrivaled responsiveness & confidence in the board when riding.

Created to replace dull unresponsive wooden decks & reinvent the off-road riding experience, TRAMPA decks bring a whole new riding-experience. With insane ‘pop’ & shock-absorbing flex, TRAMPA decks are the #1 choice for freestyle riding & comfortable cruising.  

Made using a secret re-enforced glass and plastic composite (originally developed for light-weight military applications), TRAMPA decks are indestructible. In 17 years of excessive & harsh testing - pushing the decks to their limits (inside & out of intended applications) - there has never been a single break!

TRAMPA decks are measured in “Ply”, referring to how many layers of ‘secret-composite’ are used when making the deck. A lower ply deck will be flexi-er & lighter than a higher-ply one. Generally we recommend higher ply decks for heavier riders, and lower for lighter riders – but flex, pop, and stiffness are all a matter of taste. Our Ply-ratings range from 11 - 18 in various lengths & shapes – meaning there’s a perfect TRAMPA deck for everyone!

TRAMPA decks have 35°, 15° or 0° Truck Mounting Angles, in order to work with the various steering systems used across different applications.
35° Decks – Work in perfect harmony with TRAMPA’s amazing Spring Trucks – a highly tuneable steering system designed give optimal responsiveness at 35°.
15° Decks – Fit to ATB Skate Trucks – a lightweight & cheaper steering system, perfect for lighter riders & kiteboarders.
0° Deck – Our ORRSOM Longboard Deck uses a special split-tip that allows 12FIFTIES Longboard trucks to be mounted at 3 different heights. 

How are they made?

The TRAMPA™ deck is made from a re-enforced glass and plastic thermo composite. Chosen because it gives a superior strength-to-weight ratio, whilst (unlike carbon fibre) remaining flexible. It is able to withstand huge impacts, forces and flex's that would shatter other materials.

Specially formulated, and presented in a thread like format, just like cotton. From there, it’s woven to our desired width, and placed it onto a roll. Pre-shaped, polished-aluminium moulds are used to give the material the dimensions and surface quality we require – this is where we vary the layer quantity of the composite in the mould, & control the amount of flex and pop in the resulting deck, giving us our Ply Ratings.

A special seal is used to create a high-pressured vacuum, then mould is then placed in a special oven to cook for about 2 hours. As the air is sucked out, the heated material becomes fluid – then at the crucial moment heating is turned off and the moulds are cooled, resulting in one solid piece! The decks are then cut out using a high-pressure water-cutter, resulting in a razor sharp finish to the edge of the deck.

The decks are then finished by hand. The binding and grab handle fixing holes are measured and drilled by hand, Metal files are used to take away the sharp edge of the deck and they are then rubbed smooth with a block and various grades of sandpaper.

TRAMPA are happy to announce that we can now offer CUSTOM PAINT JOBS on our decks. We’ve been releasing our parts in an amazing selection of colours - and now it’s time we offer the deck to match!

We’re luckily sited next to an awesome car spray shop, which are happy to take on some of our decks and make them shine! They know their paint, and know techniques for making any colour pop, without adding too much weight to the finished deck - guaranteeing a perfect & even finish that’ll last for years.

We’ve got a wide range of colours for you to pick and choose from, or you can send over a pantone of your own and we’ll match it the best we can!

Custom Sprayed Decks costs £100 extra, and should be ready to ship two weeks from your order.

The 35° TRAMPA Street Carver deck is the latest deck in the TRAMPA range. It has been specifically shaped to work with the new Street Carver range of Truck steering systems. Choosing a low ply flexier deck makes carving on the street a fantastic sensation, whilst choosing a stiffer deck & adding DAMPA's into the Trucks tightens the steering turning the deck one of the fastest & most stable decks on the market!

The 35° TRAMPA Street Carver deck is available in 3 different flex rates, 14ply is the most flexible, 16ply is the stiffest. Please use the FLEXOMETER in the TAB ABOVE for guidance as to which is the most suitable ply deck for you or mail this link if you need some extra guidance. The 35° TRAMPA Street Carver deck is only supplied as Drilled, Edged & Sanded, Fully Gripped & with Marine Grade Stainless Steel Bolt Kit!

Regardless of which deck you choose, all TRAMPA Decks are totally Un-Breakable! We offer you a lifetime gaurantee! Our incredible composite material is so strong whilst still flexible, the material will not split, delaminate or break in any way regardless of the environment you use it in. TRAMPA decks are considered the "Poppiest" decks on the market, the performance is un-matched, you will fly higher & have more cushioned landings thanks to the performance of the deck! All TRAMPA deck's are customised to suit the riders weight, ability & personal preference.

Mini ULTIMATE TRAMPA TRUCKS - CNC FORGED Channel Hanger with 9.525mm TITANIUM Axle CNC Baseplate TITANIUM Kingpin - BLACK

The ULTIMATE CARVE TRUCK is a MEGA light weight version of the Infinity Carve Truck! Made in exactly the same way as all of TRAMPA's Spring trucks, using FORGED Alloy for the HANGER, the Ultimate Hanger has been CNC precision machined cutting out the bulk of the hanger bodies material, but without removing any of its critical strength! The Ultimate Carve Hanger is as its name suggests, the ULTIMATE & it has been fitted with weight saving 9.525mm (3/8ths of an Inch) TITANIUM AXLES instead of the standard 9.525mm Solid Steel Axles found on the Infinity Truck.

The Ultimate Hanger is connected via a TITANIUM Kingpin to an incredibly strong EXTRUDED & T6 HEAT TREATED Aluminum BASEPLATE which has also been CNC lightened. Comparing to the assembled Infinity Truck, the Ultimate Truck is over 25% lighter!!

The Hanger & Baseplate "Kingpin Holes" are also CNC precision milled. NYLON BUSHINGS are inserted into the Kingpin holes of the Hanger & Baseplate, allowing the Baseplate to slip over the Hanger allowing the Truck to assemble like a dream & to eliminate wear between the moving metal parts. An 8mm KINGPIN is used to connect the 2 integral Truck parts together & allow the steering to happen... 

SPRINGS (which could be loaded with DAMPA's) are squeezed by hand, into the mounting positions between the Hanger & Baseplate. When anchored in position using the countersunk bolt and Spring Adjuster to hold them tight, the springs give immediate firmness to the steering. The steering resistance can be pre-set to your weight, riding ability & personal preference. The Steering resistance can be easily adjusted by using a 4mm Allen Key & turning the SPRING ADJUSTER clockwise for more resistance or Anti Clockwise for less resistance. pre-loading the resistance in the spring suitable to the road ahead.

Additionally a TRAMPA DAMPA's can be fitted into the springs to add extra steering resistance to the spring..... TRAMPA DAMPA's come in 5 different hardness & there is a DAMPA for every type of rider! You can quickly adjust your board relevant to the conditions or terrain ahead...

Over time your riding will improve & you will demand more pre-tension (performance) from your steering. So remember the DAMPA's need some room to work & therefore don't over tighten your springs squashing the DAMPA's too much because ultimately they will split, instead change your DAMPA's to a slightly Harder Shore Resistance & back off the spring adjuster.

TRAMPA's Urban Carve Board is the perfect all round deck aimed at Snowboarders, Surfers, Skaters, Longboarders & of course Mountainboarders wanting to cross over to ride the Tarmac....

Matt WHITE Hypa hub & Custom 7 inch Tyre

TRAMPA's 170mm x 45mm - 7 Inch wheels are the primary choice sized wheel for many inventors developing sporting equipment requiring very strong whilst very light weight, small pneumatic wheels for their applications to work correctly. Mountainboards, Kiteboards, 2Wheel, Dirt-Scooters, Bikes Skates, Sledges, Trikes, Skikes, Model Planes, Single Seater Planes, Dog Sledding, Dirt Skiing, Transportation Chariots & now lots of exciting electronic applications all due to come to the market very soon, all require an 8 inch wheel for their best movement... If you have a wheeled project on the go & you would like to fit TRAMPA's 8 inch wheels onto it, then in your design you need to use a 12mm axle & you will need to give an axle mounting space of 34.2mm in order to fit the TRAMPA Hubs correctly.

The 6 Spoke HYPA Wheel 
is the lightest & strongest plastic injected 7 & 8 inch Hub / Wheel on the market today! Its produced using original DuPont ingredients & the best Injection Moulding machinery, no quality expense is spared during the production of this amazingly strong little hub!

During testing the HYPA Wheels performance surpassed all expectations. :-) This little 8 inch wheel proved to be so strong, when the "Crash Test Dummies" (i mean the Mountainboard Team Riders) inflated their tyres well beyond factory recommendations! (Tut-Tut Naughty-Naughty!) The extra inflation resulted in substantially faster roll speeds, giving them the extra time in the air to complete their huge freestyle moves & still have time land in 1 piece! I'm pleased to tell you there were no explosions from the over inflation to report whilst breaking a HYPA HUB is just about unheard of, something extraordinary has to go wrong before these hubs do! If you have seen some of the crazy stuff the MTB & KTB teams have put the equipment through over the years, with genuinely almost no problems to report, you will have no doubt of the HYPA WHEELS performance capabilities.

HYPA Hubs are available in loads of coordinating colour combinations its difficult to make the decision as to which option you like the most! You can choose from naked Matt Black or White to Painted Gloss Red or Gloss Blue with Painted Black or White TRAMPA Logo's or Printed in Winter or Army Camo, the choice is all yours... :-)

TRAMPA's HYPA hubs are held together using Marine Grade (A4) Stainless steel Nuts & Bolts that will never rust on you. Our bolts are perfect for bad conditions. Not only will the nuts & Bolts never rust on you all the Bolts used by TRAMPA have been dipped in a special Blue Locking Paste, whilst all the Nuts that TRAMPA uses are fitted with the world renowned Nyloc nylon nut locking system, all of these no expense spared small details ensure you get the absolute best product possible! To help prevent you from purchasing imitations, TRAMPA's HYPA Hubs are always TRAMPA embossed between the spokes proving our top quality! 

Currently, we only have the INLINE tyre tread in the 7 inch Tyres.  This makes them perfect for hard packed surfaces from asphalt to Tarmac and suitable for all kinds of creations from Junior sized Mountainboards to fast Pumpy Dirt Scooter tyres in the skate park.... 

TRAMPA’s very own & genuine ABEC 5 rated Bearings, push perfectly into the 'Centre Set' bearing housings either side of the hub. The bearings are held in position internally by use of a 'Bearing Support Spacer' sitting on the axle in the middle of the hub guaranteeing the smoothest spin rate possible. TRAMPA's Bearings will fit onto 9.525mm, 10mm & 12mm Axles. 9.525mm is the same as USA Imperial measurement 3/8ths of an inch, AKA '10mm Bearings'. Bearing Reducer Sleeves downsize your 12mm Bearings to fit onto 10mm Metric Scooter Axles or 9.525mm (3/8ths of an inch) Imperial Skate Axles. Bearings can be supplied at 50% of the usual retail price when purchased with a wheel... 2x Bearings cost just £2.50 per pair (usually £2.50 each), resulting in a £10 saving per set of 8x bearings, 8 bearings are enough for a set of 4 wheels!

Measuring just 850mm in length, TRAMPA’s CARVER DECK is the perfect balance between being small enough to take on a bus, while still feeling substantial & stable under your feet at speed.

With 35° tips, Carve Decks have the same flex & ‘pop’ as TRAMPA’s MTB decks, making them the perfect ‘urban-board’ choice for Mountainboarders. Working in conjunction with Mini Spring


Complete Deck Weight

35° Carve Deck 14 ply 15 ply 16 ply
Blank Deck Weight 2,200g 2,350g 2,500g
Component Weight 3,044g 3,044g 3,044g
Complete Deck Weight 5.2 kg 5.4 kg 5.5 kg

Component Weights

Matt WHITE Hypa hub & Custom 7 inch Tyre1,448g
Custom 12mm ATB Bearings with 9.525mm Bearing Reducer Sleeves190g
400mm Carve board Vinyl Stickers1g
Total component weight3,044g
Mini ULTIMATE TRAMPA TRUCKS - CNC FORGED Channel Hanger with 9.525mm TITANIUM Axle CNC Baseplate TITANIUM Kingpin - BLACK
Matt WHITE Hypa hub & Custom 7 inch Tyre
35° TRAMPA Carve Deck - Drilled, Edged, Fitted with JESSOP Grip tape & a Marine Grade Stainless Steel Countersunk Bolt kit

Blank deck weight chart

35° Carve Deck 14 ply 15 ply 16 ply
Blank Deck Weight 2,200g 2,350g 2,500g
General Flex Rating firm stiff very stiff
On this Carve Board you get the following items
1x 35° Carve Deck - Drilled, Edged, Gripped & Bolt Kit
4x Matt WHITE Hypa hub & Custom 7 inch Tyre
1x Custom 12mm ATB Bearings with 9.525mm Bearing Reducer Sleeves
1x 400mm Carve board Vinyl Stickers
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