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Trampa Skate Truck Bushing upgrade 95a Shore - BLACK

Trampa Skate Truck Bushing upgrade 95a Shore - BLACK
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The TRAMPA DAMPA is a Urethane Elastomer that fits inside the Spring of a Truck. Its purpose is to support the Spring & give extra resistance during steering. Its clever design has three balls stacked & connected on-top of each other. The middle ball is slightly fatter than the outer two, during steering they all compress against each other giving greater feed back in your turns. This stacked design gives a fantastic progressive feel to steering.

By varying the SHORE DUROMETER (Rubber Hardness) strength of the Urethane mixture, we can control the amout of movement in the DAMPA. This in turn allows the rider to custom tune the resistance of their steering perfect to their requirements. The spheres of the DAMPA fit perfectly into the cup of the specially made TRAMPA SPRING RETAINER which is the part that locates & locks the Spring in the the TRAMPA SPRING TRUCKSand they instantly start to work with the slightest movement from the rider. TRAMPA DAMPA's work in harmony with the rider, supplying the perfect amount of steering resistance whilst eliminating all chances of speed wobble. Now available in 5 different steering resistance's for all levels of rider out there, Yellow DAMPA's are for easy steering, whilst White DAMPA's are for the totally committed! 

Turning the Spring Adjuster clockwise pre-loads the tension in the Spring and Dampa. This can be adjusted on the fly to suit the terrain & conditions. Turning the spring adjuster too much will put pressure on the Dampa & eventually it may split. Rather than putting too much pressure into the Dampa, consider up-grading the Dampa to a harderShore Durometer as this will most likely increase your perfomace than overtightening a Dampa thats not stiff enough for you. Please use the table below for guide.


COLOUR Stiffness Shore Suitability Guide YELLOW Easy 65 Beginner / Intermediate GREEN Average 75 Intermediate / Adult sized rider RED Firm 80 Advancing rider / Teenage Free styler BLUE Stiff 85 Fast & Advanced Freestyle Rider WHITE Stiffest 90 For the Insane only!
Standard rubber bushings in Trampa Skate trucks - 95a
These little bushings sit around the kingpin between the Metal of the hanger & the Base plate & allow the steering to take place by using your weight to turn.
98a Shore resistance (rubber hardness) is ideal for all from beginners to experts.
Screw the nut down onto the kingpin to tighten the steering resistance.
The oversized washer encourages the rubber bushing not to split under tension.
Due to the harsh environments & tension these rubbers operate within over time they will perish & ultimately needing replacing.
Stiffer rubbers can be purchased if you cant get tight enough with these.
Weight: 20g
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