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For those that dream of the very finest of wonderful creations...
Using radical new designs to create TRAMPA's new & top quality range of 8 inch wheeled SCOOTERs, ensures our new product is instantly appealing on the eye & even more appealing when you read its construction recipe!

As you would expect from TRAMPA every mm of the TRAMPA Scooter has been produced using the highest quality materials available, all of which have had the very latest in manufacturing techniques such as Extrusion, Internal Fluting & External Step Tapering, Internal Networking, Internal Butting, Integrated Clamps, Heat Treatment, all of which have been precision CNC machined to very high tolerance requirements, so that when all the amazing components are finally assembled together (The Scooter has been 5 years in the making!!) the resulting product is mega lightweight whilst incredibly strong, resulting in an exceptionally smooth Anti vibration construction which makes the scooter incredibly fast n very stylish ride for the user!

By taking just 5 minutes to easily swap over the tyre's, the TRAMPA SCOOTERS can be used on any surface or environment from Skate parks to forest trails, Cycle Paths or even very conveniently ripping through the city for a spot of shopping!

Check out the individual component pages for full details & descriptions regarding the amazing Scooter components and whats gone into their construction or take a look at the summary below highlighting the individual details of the components... So much work has gone into each one they are simply amazing!

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