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Trampa battery packs are the latest in innovative battery technology. These packs offer a variety of unique features that cannot be found elsewhere. The utilization of PCB button contacts & cell-level fusing allows you to safely assemble your own 12s7p battery in less than 45 minutes with no wiring, soldering, or spot welding. With an integrated cell management system & VESC app connectivity, you have up-to-date information about the status of your battery at all times. Maintenance work and upgrades are easy as unscrewing a few bolts and replacing cells, ensuring years of worry-free riding with your battery.


Trampa Battery Packs don't use spot welding to interconnect the individual cells. The connection is made via a 25A fused contact designed and manufactured by Trampa.

Using this pack allows you to purchase cells locally and fit them into a 12S7P cell array. After closing the pack, you have an extremely safe and high-performance battery with an integrated management system. If a cell goes bad, you can easily swap it out.

Once your cells reach their end of life, you can simply install new cells onto the same PCB and recycle the old. This is in contrast to spot welded packs that can't be serviced and must be recycled once a cell goes bad. In this way, your PCB pack will retain perfectly healthy cells and save the environmental impact of throwing an entire battery away.


With the exception of one balance cable and the connectors from the PCB to your VESC setup, Trampa batteries require no wiring. This saves hours of time and makes maintenance and assembly much easier.

Battery Management System:

Trampa only uses the latest in onboard BMS technology. Utilizing the same chipset as Tesla battery packs, this pack features a self monitoring system of automotive grade. The system will consistently monitor pack temperature and humidity, and offers direct connectivity to the VESC app for your convenience. The BMS also features SWD, CAN-Bus, and USB connectivity to inform the VESCs of individual cell voltages, so that the voltage cutoff can be safely activated when riding. Firmware updates can be managed via VESC-Tool and the CAN interface. 


Individual cell fusing will give you the confidence that each cell in the pack is secured against short circuiting. Any faulty cell will be decoupled within seconds to avoid damage or danger to the rest of the pack. There are 5 temperature sensors to keep you up to date with accurate temperature readings of your battery. A humidity sensor is also included to inform you if water enters the pack. In the event of a charging failure, each charge port is equipped with a Mosfet switch that allows the BMS to decouple the charger at any time. Cell failures can be easily addressed by unscrewing the lid of the pack and replacing unhealthy cells.

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