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MEGASTAR 8 Hubs to fit 3.75x 8 inch tyes


TRAMPA's 5 spoke MEGASTAR Hub is a technically-designed masterpiece of circular lushness! Precision Cnc’d from a solid block of T6 Heat-treated aluminum, these hubs were created for those who insist on fitting only the strongest & very best parts to their board.

MEGASTAR Hubs are made up of aluminium Rims & Spokes. With plenty of anodised colour options for both - there are over 60 colour combinations to choose from!

Available with CENTRAL or OFF SET bearing position. Off set rims will expand the wheelbase of the board, increasing stability when riding. Center set Bearings keep the wheelbase as standard, for a more nimble-steering board.

The MEGASTAR Hub can be fitted to any 5-8 inch tyres TRAMPA Offers, from the 5 Inch GUMMIES Longboard style Tyres, to the entire incredible range of 8 Inch Tyres - making Megastar Hubs a solid choice for Urban/street boards as well as high-PSI off-roading machines.

Able to handle the highest inflation pressures of any small wheel on the market, MEGASTARS have the fastest roll-speed capabilities around! Perfect for the insane among us - such as those who wish to double backflip any/all jumps they find (Matt Brind!).

The Anodised Aluminium Spokes used in MEGASTARS are the same spokes used in SUPERSTAR Hubs, so if you’re already riding Superstars & wish to upgrade - you’ll just need a set of rims! TRAMPA's Spokes made from Extruded 6061 Aluminum that has been T6 Heat treated (Super Strength to Aero-grade quality).

The hub's construction is held together by using 'Socket capped' M4 x 40mm A4 (Marine Grade) Stainless Steel Nuts & Bolts, with extra bolt holes to allow for valve counter-balancing, giving smoother & faster roll speeds.

TRAMPA’s genuine ABEC rated Bearings have 2 Rubber Sealed sidewalls to protect them from the dirt they live in. Pushing perfectly into any of the Hubs in the TRAMPA Range as well as many other brands, these high quality bearings ensure the fastest spin rates possible! Use 12 x 28 x 8mm Bearings to fit TRAMPA WHEELS to 12mm axles (or use Bearing Reducer Sleeves to fit 12mm Bearings onto 10mm or 9.525mm axles.)

Bearings can be purchased at a discounted price when purchased with Hubs.
2 x
Bearings cost just £2.50 x 4 = £10 per set of 8 making a £5 saving per set!


Its now possible to fit TRAMPA SUPERSTAR & MEGASTAR Wheels onto 8mm Axles. Using the SPOKE SUPPORT CONVERSION SPACER its possible to fit any TRAMPA Wheel to standard 8mm Longboard truck axles - making it possible to use any TRAMPA WHEEL on most Longboards from other brands - so if you’re getting pissed off riding over cracks on the street, maybe its time to scale up & add some TRAMPA BLING to your board!

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