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Maytech Rechargable Remote Control & Receiver - Thumb Controlled

Maytech Rechargable Remote Control & Receiver - Thumb Controlled
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The Maytech Remote controller is comfortable to hold & works well as a thumb operated remote control when riding a TRAMPA Electric board. Opposed to the more-common trigger controllers, where you use your forefinger to operate a trigger on the underside of the controller, the Maytech controller uses your thumb on the top - meaning you push forwards to fly forwards! It may take some getting used to, but we’ve found the small, tactful and simple design of these remotes are perfect for controlling your speed and keeping you cruising along comfortably.

The Maytech remote control comes with its own rechargeable lithium batteries (already installed and sealed in the device) & a Micro USB cable for charging. Full charging takes approximately 2 hours but one charge is enough for at least 8 hours (Maytech claims 10 hours but we’ve never tested their claim). You should never run out of power on 1 run, however just to be safe you should always charge the controller when you charge your board -  you never want a dead controller halfway through a ride, that's a school boy error!

The Controller is already paired to the receiver, which means all you have to do is push it into the VESC & within a moment (so long as everything has power in it) you should have a automatic connection - Easy!

Official details from Maytech are below

4GHz two-way communication, 80 channels, automatic FM anti-interference.
32bit ID code, very low probability of re-code.
Built-in lithium battery, charge battery via USB port
3 LED lights to show battery voltage, red LED will flash when voltage is low.
Strong to survuve the environment.
High & low speed can be easily switches.
With function of acceleration and brakes, forward and backward .
Auto throttle calibration when switch on.
Alarm when remote control and receiver loss signal
When signal loss 5 minutes, remote will automatically shut down.
Match-code memory function, remote control and receiver has fast connection when power on.

NO item Specs. Remark
1 Transmitted power 0dBm  
2 Operating frequency 2400 to 2483MHz Tolerance±10ppm
3 Working current 25 to 30mA @3.7V
4 Power-off current <1uA  
5 Working hours 10hours  
6 Communication distance >20meters  
7 Battery capacity 300mAH 3.7V Capacity tolerance+30%, -10% @0.2C discharge
8 Charging current 165 to 200mA Battery voltage 3.7 to 3.9V
9 Charging time 2hours Automatic stops when battery full
Weight: 50g
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RRP £25 - each

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