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TRAMPA KITE BOARDS are incredible! Their amazing un-breakable flexible performance is light years ahead of the competition! Developed using high tech Thermo composite materials with a simple criteria to increase the performance & riding experience of non responsive solid wooden decks. 

All TRAMPA BOARDS are assembled by hand in the UK. We custom make the flex of our decks relative to the weight, height & skills of the rider. Regardless of your body dimensions or riding ability when you step on a custom made TRAMPA deck the performance differences compared to all others are instant to recognise & the good news is there is a tailor made TRAMPA deck that can be made just for you! We say that it DOES MATTER which model you ride because when your riding the right model for you the experience is enhanced considerably. Every TRAMPA deck is sold as un-breakable. Since the very first TRAMPA prototype deck was made, way back in 2002, the incredible TRAMPA material has never once failed on us or any customer that we know of - No cracks, No snaps, No de-lams , no splits or anything what so ever, EVER so we give a 100% lifetime guarantee to all of the Decks in the TRAMPA range!! :-)

Kite Land Boarding has spawned itself from Kitesurfing (Kite Surf is riding a surf board on the water powered by a kite that's attached to the rider) & first came to fashion in the early Naughtyies. Enthusiastic Kite surfer riders who did not live close to water wanted to practice their Kite skills & maneuvers & as the boarding equipment developed suitably the skills being displayed by the best riders on the land were equal to the skills being demonstrated far out at sea. The revolution of the enormous new foil & LEI kites from many exciting looking Kite brands attracted many riders into the scene & Kite boarding of all kinds became hugely popular. In order to kitesurf, you need lots of nice & clean preferably onshore wind to give you enough movement to surf on top of the water.. But when there is not enough wind to head onto the water its often still possible to Kite Land Board on the beach, or if you live in-land and you have a nice well cut grassy area (like a football pitch or similar) close to hand, then you can be surfing the earth where you can find the clean wind!

Mountainboards first came to fashion in the late 80's when cries for more riding could be heard from the hills when the snow had melted, echoes came from the beaches when the surf was too low. The creators of the first Mountainboards were a troubled mixed bunch of dirty Surfers, Skaters & Snowboarders, capable of riding almost anything on anything very well, these guys worried about getting their next ride! So wishing to fill this dead time by riding something else they thought about & then bodge fitted some larger pram sized wheels to a skateboard with extended axles & attempted riding down some steep off road trails... lol! After some serious modifications & a fair dollop of fine tuning, the no longer frustrated boarders were soon showing of their new found skills & Mountainboarding was born!

Keeping their reflexes tuned & ready for the return of more favorable weather forecasts ahead is a good thing because of course keeping nimble in the off season will help you move well when you get back out there & of course were all dreaming about being at the top of a mountain with the most amazing deep powdery conditions below or the chance to ride a super tube wave that goes on forever. For most of us that is just a dream but our desire to ride remains... A weeks Snowboard holiday or a surf tour aboard is fantastic to do but is getting more & more expensive to do these days & depending on if the weather is in your favor or not, it can be a complete & utter waste. For less than the cost of the price of a 1 week tour you can purchase a custom made TRAMPA board and ride every day the wind blows!

Kiteboards have come along way since these early creator days & the simulation is now its own thrilling experience. Kiteboards can be used in just about any weather, only your own common sense is there to stop you riding when the conditions turn bad. A Kiteboard can be ridden on just about any surface, but will operate best on Hard Packed Terrain such as a farmers fields, football pitch's or hard packed sandy beach etc. Many dedicated Kiteboard centers (places to hire & ride rental equipment) exist around the world with ride features for you to test your skills on. Every trick/freestyle move that has ever been laid down on a the water has been laid down by a land boarder. Huge respect is now given by fellow boarders to kite boarders for being a special breed of rider, unique from all others... Kite Land boarding has become its own sport with its own independent international governing body & is enjoyed by millions of riders the globe over. International Competitions (AKA Wild Parties) get attended by representatives from over 40 countries but Mountainboarding still has a real grass roots underground party feel about it. Mountainboarding has become the out of season board sport of choice than can be enjoyed all

Check out the TRAMPA Ride Guide for some great suggestions of where to ride & who to ride with... :-)

Kiteboards usually operate in muddy, dusty, sandy, salty, generally bad environments. These harsh elements wear very hard on regular wooden Mountainboard decks, but not one of these harsh elements will harm or effect the performance of the TRAMPA Board what so ever. When producing the TRAMPA decks, the fibers of secret material almost turn to a liquid like state, swarming around each other gaining inter-twined fiber contact. During cooling their close contact fuses the fibers together giving a fantastic molecular connection capable of movement without breaking.... Ensuring the air is continuously sucked out of the mould at high pressure during entire baking process pulls the fibers even closer, close enough for us to be able to say the TRAMPA DECKS ARE UN- BREAKABLE well beyond their intended use!

To complement the TRAMPA decks un-breakable reputation, high purity metals coated in top quality surface coatings such as Powder-coating & Anodising are applied to protect all the metal components from corrosion in the naturally harsh elements. TRAMPA prioritises quality before price in all aspects of what it does, especially when it comes to avoiding corrosion & rust, the Boss of TRAMPA (TurboTed) hates the sight of rust!! And so to ensure there is no rust, all of the metals used are genuine to their description, all metals used get a surface coating & all of the Nuts & Bolts used to construct all of the Parts & Components in a TRAMPA Board, including the construction of the deck are all connected using MARINE GRADE (A4) STAINLESS STEEL fixings, which means your board will never grow any unsightly rust, EVER!!

As previously stated TRAMPA Decks are custom made to the riders weight, height & riders ability. We can make the perfect custom model for every shape & size of rider there is. By altering the layer quantity of material during the makeup of the boards, we are able to fundamentally alter the stiffness or flex properties of the resulting deck. Changing cutting patterns from the mould also alters the final performance of the deck, for example the 35 Short, Long & Holypro are all taken from the same mould just cut to different lengths & shapes. As a guide, smaller / younger 'Grommet' sized riders benefit from low ply lighter decks such as the 15º SHORT or the super-light-weight 15º HOLY PRO, which both have a more narrow foot stance & use lightweight Skate style Trucks to steer, whilst larger / heavier / adult sized riders need something bigger & more robust to handle their weight & that's why so the Spring Steering system got invented... As a brief guide to the Spring Truck range of TRAMPA decks... Progressing teenage riders tend to choose models such as the 35º Short Deckwhilst full Adult Sized Riders tend to take a the 35º LONG. If you are an advanced level rider looking for an all-round board that is perfect to Free-ride & Freestyle which has been slimmed down in every corner to give you the sleekest lightest board possible then choose the hugely attractive & very popular 35º HOLYPRO deck as this is ultimate performance enhancer!!

As well as your physical size & riding ability, it very much depends on the type of riding you are hoping to do, ie, Mountainboard Free-ride or Mountainboard Freestyle? A TRAMPA deck can be used to enjoy all applications of Mountainboarding but just like purchasing a bike, you probably wouldn't purchase a BMX to ride a Road race... This is what stands TRAMPA decks out from the competition as we give the rider the advantage by tuning the performance to their requirements so please don't purchase a Kiteboard if you wish to predominantly Mountainboard as the performance information is supplied on the product page is completely different to that of a Mountainboard, this is because (again generally speaking) the Kite board riders prefer a much more Flexy deck compared to the Mountain Boarders...

If the terrain is very soft then you may benefit more so with a 35º LONG deck but fitted with the 9 Inch wheels, where as Big-Air or Freestyle riders tend to benefit from shorter, faster rotating decks, such as the 35º SHORT or for the more recreational or slightly older rider who still wants the thrill of dirt riding but hasn't got the movement to get down & power-slide, the NEW MAGURA HS11 Brakeboard is the perfect answer should you wish to add the powerful Hydraulic brakes to their ride.

If you are unsure about What is the right Deck or Deck Ply is best for you, please click this link & complete the mini questionnaire email which will be sent to Ted at the TRAMPA HQ. He will respond usually very quickly with the appropriate information you will be seeking. :-)


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