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Gummies to Stickies Orrsom Conversion kit with STICKIES wheels for SINGLE Motor

Gummies to Stickies Orrsom Conversion kit with STICKIES wheels for SINGLE Motor
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STICKIES Longboard & Street Carver Wheel Super High Rebound 83 x 52mm

TRAMPA's incredible range of STICKIES Longboard Wheels have taken the world of Longboarding by storm! Produced using the highest grade of Ultra Premium Urethane, and available in either 83 or 90mm size options with a varying range of suitably colour co-ordinatied Urethane Hardnesses, the variety compliments all the different types of rider, covering all the different aspects of street riding. You will be pleased to learn STICKIES Longboard Wheels will fit to ALL Longboard, Street-board & Skateboard Trucks using 8 or 9.525mm Axles.

The re-enforced VENTED CORE of the STICKIES Wheel houses a Center-set bearing position. For those that don't know this means the bearings are housed centrally within the wheel. Being center-set ensure an even wear rate to the wheel ensuring maximum grip at all times, whilst guaranteeing a balanced "high speed spin-rate", thus making turning/sliding as predictable as possible! Not only does the vented core reduce weight, but it also increases airflow around the Bearings ensuring lower operating temperatures when running at high speeds...

The Vented Core also has an extra application... The Venting holes can be used in conjunction with a centering ring & some M4x40mm Socket Capped Bolts to lock into position, either a 33 or 37 Tooth Slave Wheel, to which the complete assembly can be connected to many applications using an electric motor, including the new TRAMPA Electric Longboards & Electric Street-Carver boards as well as many other products due onto the market soon!

Smothering the Vented Core of the STICKIES Longboard wheel is thick PREMIUM URETHANE. Choosing STICKIES will enable you to Carve & Turn like you have only ever dreamed of before, especially when mounted to the new TRAMPA Mini Spring Trucks which happen to turn & carve like nothing else! STIKIES Wheels will also fit to the new 12FIFTIES Trucks and all 8mm Longboard trucks on the Market.

The edges of all the STICKIES wheels are beautifully rounded allowing smooth transitional turns, whilst helping to avoid chipping & cracks at the same time. The rounded edge of the STICKIES wheel gives an overall contact surface of 50mm! Orbiting the outer edge of the BLUE STICKIES WHEEL is a coordinating BLACK TRAMPA logo.

STICKIES will accept regular skate size 608 2RS (8 x 22 x 7mm) bearings & made special for the TRAMPA Mini Spring Trucks, the R6 2RS (9.525 x 22,225 x 7.14mm) Bearings. All of TRAMPA's Longboard/Streetboard bearings are ABEC 7-9 rated & are designed for prolonged high speed use. 

In this kit you get everything you need to convert the STICKIES ORRSOM longboard to the GUMMIES ORRSOM Longboard...

83 or 90mm Stickies Longboard Wheel
Shim spacer - ensures exact fitting & fast running bearings
TRAMPA R6-2RS STICKIES Bearings x1 9.525mmm Axles
9.525 x 13.525 x 10.3mm - Internal Bearing support & External Wheel Support Spacer for STICKIES Wheels on MINI Spring Trucks
Custom Slave Pulley Wheel for 83mm & 90mm Longboard Wheels
M4 x 40mm Socket Capped Bolt - Marine Grade Stainless steel
350 x 15mm - Gummies Carve Belt Using URBAN Motor Mount Panel & 44 tooth Slave
Weight: 1,108g
What size SLAVE PULLEY do you want?
What size SLAVE PULLEY do you want?

37 Tooth SLAVE Pulley - Best Hill Climber
37 Tooth SLAVE Pulley - Best Hill Climber

33 Tooth SLAVE Pulley - Best Top Speed
33 Tooth SLAVE Pulley - Best Top Speed

What Size STICKIES Longboard wheels do you want?
What Size STICKIES Longboard wheels do you want?

83mm STICKIES Longboard Wheels

90mm STICKIES Longboard Wheels (+£10)

Quantity required:
RRP £150 - for the complete set

RRP Includes 20% VAT

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