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ATB SPRING Trucks with MAGURA Brakes


For the purest riders out there, somehow adding brakes is 'less pure' or not the real thing, but the truth is we dont all have the same skills the flexible youngsters have being able to crouch down quickly grabbing the edge of the deck to make a power-slide in order to make them stop, and these days the riding of a mountainboard is no longer something you just do in field where there is plenty of stopping space to be able to make the power-slide! It can be quite frightening wanting to stop when its not possible & by adding the brakes this fear is instantly eradicated

So if your no longer a youngster but still urning for that riding sensation but are a little frightened about stopping in tight spots, then adding brakes to your mountainboard is the perfect solution & a very good idea. The Super Strong & highly reliable hydraulic brake system will instantly fill you with confidence & your riding will improve instantly. We still advise learning to power-slide just incase of worst case scenarios...

We decided to use MAGURA as our supplier for the Hydraulic Brakes because of their amazing reputation for top quality & amazing high performance at stopping! The hanger of the TRAMPA Trucks has been specially modified to allow a special fixing kit to attach & connect the modified MAGURA Brakes, holding them in the perfect position to give the maximum in stopping performance on a Mountainboard.

TRAMPA's Magura Brake system will only work in conjunction with the INFINITY & VERTIGO TRAMPA Truck systems & the Brake Disc's will only fit to the the TRAMPA SUPERSTAR Wheels.

Click here to see the official Magura instructional video on how to bleed your brakes.

Click here to see the official Magura instructional video on how to change your brake pads.

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