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8 Inch DEEP DISH OFF Set MEGASTAR Rims - Matte Black Alloy Superstar Rim with OFFSET Spoke positioning fitting to Mini Carve trucks when using 8 inch Tyres

8 Inch DEEP DISH OFF Set MEGASTAR Rims - Matte Black Alloy Superstar Rim with OFFSET Spoke positioning fitting to Mini Carve trucks when using 8 inch Tyres 8 Inch MEGASTAR Rim OFF SET Matte Black - Pro OFF-SET Superstars will widen your wheel base by 15mm M4 x 18mm Socket Capped Head Bolt ISO 4762 Marine Grade Stainless Steel
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M4 x 18mm Socket Capped Head Bolt ISO 4762 Marine Grade Stainless Steel

Made from A4 Marine Grade Stainless Steel, all of the nuts, bolts & screws used in a TRAMPA board have proven to be up to the challenge of holding everything together. Using Marine Grade Stainless Steel also means these Bolts will never rust on you! They can cope with the harshest of weather conditions & will laugh in the face of sandy/salty beaches or muddy freeride tracks - which can turn other manufacturers’ nuts & bolts into corroded rusting wrecks!

Wherever possible, we dip all our bolts into BLUE THREAD LOCKING PASTE, to ensure an extra strong & secure fix between the nuts & bolts.

8 Inch MEGASTAR Rim OFF SET Matte Black - Pro OFF-SET Superstars will widen your wheel base by 15mm

'OMG! WTF's them?? Are they metal Superstar Rims' i hear you say?? As-if!! No-Way!! Un-Real!! & proudly introducing the TRAMPA's 8 inch MEGASTAR Rims :-)

Its hard to ever imagine that TRAMPA's SUPERSTAR Rim could ever be improved upon, but yep that's right, that's what we have gone n done, improved on perfection! So the Super Sexy 8 inch MEGASTAR Rims are a PRO version of the already amazing SUPERSTAR Rim! MEGASTARS are pricey yeah, but WoW, they are lush :-)

CNC Milled from a solid block of BILLET ALUMINUM, Anodised BLACK or POLISHED & Laser logo's for a Pimp appearance, all of the different MEGASTAR Rims that we offer fit the regular SUPERSTAR SPOKES, so if you already have SUPERSTAR Rims & wish to upgrade to MEGASTAR Rims, all you need to do is purchase the Rims to make the swap...

MEGASTAR Rims have extra bolt holes! This is done partly for aesthetics but mostly for wheel balancing reasons... When any of the small plastic rims or hubs are fitted with a tyre / inner tube using a valve for inflation, the valve itself weighs approx 6 grams. This is a substantial amount of weight on such a small wheel, consequently when the wheel is spinning this weight throws the wheel out of balance, at high speed, especially when riding on smooth surfaces it can be quite noticeable... 
Its been an ongoing problem for speed freaks since the dawn of mountainboarding, but now we have a solution to the problem!! Having the extra bolt holes allows us you screw in 2x extra M4x18mm Socket capped Bolts, a similar weight to the Valve, into an area that's directly located opposite to the valve, which in turn acts as a counter balance preventing the un-even weight, allowing a smoother rotation, ultimately a faster spin rate making the MEGASTAR Rims perfect for high speeds!

TRAMPA's 8 inch MEGASTAR Rims are Available in 2 different options, CENTER-SET Bearing Position, which is a direct metal replacement of the original Plastic injection SUPERSTAR rim (effectively pimping your ride with Valve balance facility) & also in the very exciting OFF-SET Bearing Position.....

Fitting the OFF-SET Bearing position MEGASTAR Hubs will move the wheels further away from your feet & widen your wheel boards base, perfect for large people & small Boards. Initially designed in conjunction with the smaller Truck Models (12-Fifties & Mini Spring Trucks) to give space for bigger things, with the additional support of a 6mm Axle Spacer on the 9.525mm Axle, fitted before the wheel slips on, you will gain quite a bit extra Wheel base, which in turn will give extra room to fit the larger 8 Inch Tyres, turning your TRAMPA CARVE or ORRSOME Board into more of a Mini Mountainboard with a whole heap of 8 inch tire options available to you, transforming your URABN ride into an off-roader!!

With some addition trickery of inserting the OFF-SET Spoke Support Spacer into the assembly of the Deep Dish (Off-Set) 8 Inch MEGASTAR Rim, it is now possible to firstly ride with 9.525mm Ceramic bearings & secondly to Off-Set your wheel position even further out than fitting just the Off-Set MEGASTAR wheels alone. When fitting the two parts (Off-set MEGASTAR Rims & OFF-Set Spoke Support Spacer) you will be increasing the wheel base on the smaller Truck systems (12-Fifties & Mini Spring Trucks) by approx 1 inch, allowing plenty of room for things to fit such as 8 inch tyres (without clashing with your toes & Twin 160kv motors!! :-)

TRAMPA's 5 spoke MEGASTAR RIMs have been in the pipeline of dreams for a very long time... but its only been in the time of the Electric side of riding has developed that products like these have really ever  created for those who insist on fitting only 'the Very Best of Equipment'They are a technically designed, super-strengthened, masterpiece's of circular lushness! They have been Precision CNC milled from a solid block of Aluminum, they are never going to be cheap to make or sell but not only will these precision made MEGASTAR rims improve the smoothness of your ride, but OMG they are so FXXXXN sexy you just have to have them once you have seen them!!

Both the Center Set & Off-set 8 inch MEGASTAR HUB will fit to ANY of the Tyres in the TRAMPA product Range up to 9 inches in Diameter. This includes the 5 Inch Gummies Tyres, 6.5 Inch URBAN Treads, 7 Inch Inline Tyres & ANY of the 8 inch Tyre options TRAMPA offers. The 8 Inch MEGASTAR Hub is so strong it handles the highest inflation pressures of any small wheel on the market.... Increasing Inflation rates will ultimately increase maximum roll speed capabilities, making them the perfect option for the insane among us!

MEGASTAR Rims are available in Anodised Black with Laser Logo or as my favorite in High polished with Laser logo. The MEGASTAR rims fit perfectly with the same Spokes used in the SUPERSTAR hub with all the same colour combinations being possible, its difficult to decide the combination you like the most! As ive already said the Anodised Spokes used in the MEGASTAR hubs are the same as the spokes that are needed in the SUPERSTAR hubs, so if you already have SUPERSTAR hubs & wish to upgrade your rims to MEGASTAR then this works perfectly - They could also be the perfect Christmas present!!

TRAMPA Spokes made from Extruded 6061 Aluminum which has been T6 Heat treated (Super Strength Aero-grade quality) & comes in a nice range of colours to satisfy your taste. The MEGASTAR's hub construction is held together by using 'Socket capped' M4 x 40mm A4 (Marine Grade) Stainless Steel Nuts & Bolts & will never rust on you!

TRAMPA's MEGASTAR Rims can be used in conjunction with any of the Pulleys that fit to the SUPERSTAR rim & then fitted into any of the Mountainboard Motor Mounts & Some of the Urban Carve Motor Mounts that TRAMPA offers. I hear TRAMPA Ceramic Bearings are on the way to fit the 12mm axle soon... Oh WoW!

It is possible to fit all of the Bearing sizes TRAMPA offers into the assembly of the 8 Inch MEGASTAR Rims. As Standard the Superstar / Megastar spokes accept the 12mm Axle Mountainboard bearings, These 12mm bearings can be fitted with Bearing Reducer Sleeves which will alow the wheel to fit to 9.525mm Axles, where as if you insert the Special Spoke Support Spacer into the assembly of the hub, you can fit to 9.525mm or 8mm Longboard Axles where hundreds of top quality bearing options are available for you to choose from...

2x M4 x 18mm Socket Capped Bolt - Marine Grade Stainless Steel
Weight: 195g
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RRP £33.33 - Per pair of Rims

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